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Hundreds Rally to Pray for Israel on Pentecost Sunday, Launch ‘Historic’ Global Effort to Share the Gospel


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Hundreds Gather for Pensacola's Family Beach Fest, 79 Choose Christ: 'We're Just Getting Started'

Hundreds gathered at Pensacola Beach on Memorial Day weekend to pray, worship, and give their lives to Jesus Christ. It was the 6th annual Family Beach Fest with special guest Sean Feucht leading worship.

Grandson of Shirley Jones Crashed on Cocaine After Losing 'The Voice' - As He Was Dying, He Cried Out to Jesus

Jack Cassidy was 17 when he was chosen to compete on "The Voice." He was in his element and convinced he could win. But when Jack was cut from the contest, his dreams were dashed, and his life was soon hanging in the balance.

Justin Bieber Shares Simple Gospel Message Then Demonized Woman Finds Jesus in 'Supernatural' Moment

A woman whose painful past led her deep into a world of spiritual darkness is sharing how a chance encounter on a flight with Justin Bieber planted a seed that ultimately led her to give her life to Christ. The encounter was followed by several supernatural moments, and then, "It's this overwhelming peace and I am sobbing and I can't get up....and I felt the Holy Spirit." 

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Antisemitism in America at All-Time High: 'We Can't Remain Silent'

For the first time, there's a national strategy to counter antisemitism in America as incidents rose to historic levels in 2022.  

Both Moscow and Kyiv Attacked as Ukraine War Intensifies

There were new escalations in the war between Russia and Ukraine on Tuesday with attacks on the capital cities of both countries.

Professor Fired After Allegedly Forcing Christian Students to Fund Political Activism

Two Michigan State University students are suing the school claiming their professor forced them to pay fees to advance political messages that conflicted with their deeply held religious beliefs.