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September 29 - CBN NewsWatch AM: Deadline Approaching - September 29, 2023
Time is running out to avoid a government shutdown. It's less than 48 hours left now with millions of paychecks and services on the line. If the government shuts down most economists say the economic impacts is unlikely to cause an immediate ... ...
September 28 - Deported Evangelist: Persecution is Coming | CBN NewsWatch September 28, 2023
Republican Presidential candidates take on the issues – and each other, as well as former President Trump – in an often-contentious second debate; Danish evangelist Torben Søndergaard fled persecution in Denmark in 2019 and sought refuge ...
September 27 - Historic Israeli-Saudi Deal Coming? | CBN NewsWatch September 27, 2023
Israel’s Tourism Minister becomes the first minister to lead a delegation to Saudi Arabia amid growing indications that the two countries could normalize relations – a move which could transform the Middle East; Illinois law requiring ...

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CBN Newswatch brings viewers the day’s top headlines, analysis, and in-depth reports from the CBN News team, expert contributors, and faith leaders.

Efrem Graham


Efrem Graham is an award-winning journalist who came to CBN News from the ABC-owned and operated station in Toledo, Ohio. His most recent honor came as co-anchor of the newscast that earned the station’s morning news program its first Emmy Award.

Efrem was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, but his formal television and journalism career was born across the Hudson River in New York City. He began as an NBC Page and quickly landed opportunities to work behind-the-scenes in local news, network news, entertainment, and the network’s Corporate Communications Department. His work earned him the

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