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Bringing the Bible to Life for Children of All Ages

About Superbook

Superbook teaches children timeless life lessons through the captivating, Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling children and their robot friend. Superbook is the Bible brought to life through animation to introduce children to Jesus and help develop their faith.

Superbook is broadcast in more countries every year—reaching 143 countries and a projected 514 million viewers.* Superbook is reaching children around the world with the Bible in their native language.

CBN now has one or more complete seasons of Superbook in 60 languages and dialects, with more in progress. Our partners are bringing the good news of Jesus to children across the world in a language and format that they understand.

**Brown, Fraser & Associates, a research company founded by Regent University professor Dr. William Brown and by Dr. Benson Fraser, carried out a study of CBN’s international viewership in 2023. To prepare this study, Brown and Fraser surveyed 16,282 persons in 136 cities or regions of 13 countries. Brown and Fraser applied the results from these and prior years’ surveys to project audience sizes and impact of CBN programming.