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CBN News App

CBN News

The CBN News app offers news from a Christian perspective 24 hours a day. Stay updated on the latest national and international news with truthful reporting and analysis from our team of dedicated journalists.
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CBN Family App

CBN family

Enjoy your favorite CBN shows and features on demand with the CBN family app. Watch full episodes of The 700 Club, CBN News, Superbook, the latest biblical teachers, documentaries, and more!
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Superbook App

Superbook Kids Bible

Watch the Bible come to life with the Superbook Kids Bible app. Your kids can experience full-length episodes from Superbook and engaging interactive games!
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CBN Radio App

CBN Radio

Listen to a variety of the best Christian music and more with CBN Radio! Get free access to great Christian artists, radio, podcasts, Superbook, and more with CBN Radio! CBN Radio includes your preferred channels for praise, country, contemporary, gospel, Spanish, kids, Christmas, and news!
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CBN Bible App

CBN Bible

Immerse yourself in the Word each day with the CBN Devotional Bible app. Access the full Bible in multiple translations, right from your device. Each day a unique, inspirational devotion from the Word of God is available to help build your faith and strengthen your relationship with the Lord.
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