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Street Preacher Reports Cash App Closed His Account for Protesting Pride Events, Drag Shows

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Presidential Hopeful Chris Christie Bashes Trump, Pence Launches 2024 Bid with a Video

The knives are out in the 2024 Republican presidential battle. Chris Christie held a town hall in New Hampshire as he launches his GOP presidential primary candidacy, slashing at Donald Trump, calling him "a bitter, angry man" and claiming his time as president was a failure.

Why is it So Smoky Outside? Canada Wildfires Lead to Air-Quality Alerts in Northeastern US

Canada is dealing with a series of intense wildfires that have spread from the western provinces to Quebec, with hundreds of forest fires burning. Wind has carried smoke from the fires southward, triggering air quality alerts throughout the United States. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday issued a poor air quality alert for New England, a day after parts of Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota received a similar advisory. Last week, U.S. officials as far south as Maryland, Baltimore, Virginia and Pennsylvania reported being impacted by the wildfires. 

2024 GOP Presidential Primary Balloons to 12 Candidates - You'll Recognize the 2 Most Recent Additions

There will soon be 12 candidates vying to lead the 2024 Republican presidential ticket as both Chris Christie and Mike Pence have filed the paperwork to launch their campaigns.