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The Day Lee Strobel Shared the Gospel with Hugh Hefner: 'He Saw the Relevance of the Resurrection'


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'They Want God': Hundreds Come Forward to Give Their Lives to Jesus at JWLKRS Conference

Thousands of young people gathered together to worship Jesus, pray, and have their faith encouraged at the JWLKRS (Jesus-Walkers) Conference in Orlando, Florida, last week. Now, hundreds are testifying that the Holy Spirit moved during that meeting and ignited a "generation on fire for God."  

'God Doing Something Unusual': Revival, Salvations, Baptisms Ongoing in Tiny Kentucky Town

The small town of Slaughters, Kentucky, (pop. 186) is experiencing what has been described as "God doing something unusual" among the area's young people after a few days of unrest occurred at the local high school just a few weeks ago. 

Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Parent's Rights Group, Halts School's Trans Mandates

A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of a parental rights group that challenged an Iowa school district on its policy requiring staff and students to affirm their classmate's gender disorder or be punished if they didn't.