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Here's How a Government Shutdown Could Affect Millions of Americans

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Asbury and Other Evangelical Colleges Report Record Numbers of New Students Enrolling

Evangelical colleges and universities across the country are reporting a record number of new students have registered for classes this fall. 

China's Confucius Classrooms in US Public Schools: Are They Brainwashing America's Children?

China is believed to have spent at least $17 million establishing so-called "Confucius Classrooms" in 143 school districts across the US, teaching school children Beijing's view of the world.

'He Had Some Devil Qualities': 'Duck Dynasty' Star's Stunning Conversion From 'Heathen' to Jesus

“Duck Dynasty” stars Phil and Kay Robertson are two of the most beloved reality TV personalities in cable history, but their lives weren’t always filled with so much laughter and love.