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Tiny Faith Delivers Big Miracle

After a stroke leaves Seanna disabled and angry about her new limitations, she clings to a mustard seed of faith for a full recovery. During a church service, a miracle begins to unfold.

700 Club

A Single Mom’s Journey from Despair to Faith

Shannon is a single mother who always tried to raise her two sons to have faith. But when a hurricane hit her Florida community, their faith was shaken. Shannon told us, “It wasn't really supposed to be a direct hit here...You know, it was a very quick transition to…pack up your prized possessions and get out for your safety.”

Shannon quickly made the decision to evacuate with her sons to escape the violent winds and floods. While staying with family, they found out their house had flooded. They were devastated. She said, “There's moments where you're broken, you’re scared, but then I can't fall apart, because I have two people that depend on me for everything.” Tearfully, she continued, “It's very daunting to even start moving things as one single person or even, you know, a single adult and two children trying to move stuff out.”

Operation Blessing disaster relief teams deployed to Florida before the hurricane even made landfall. In partnership with Christian Center Church, volunteers brought cleaning kits and other relief items to help disaster victims like Shannon and her family.

Shannon was grateful. She said, “Having all-hands-on-deck, helping move things, dismantle bedroom furniture, take out dressers that would have been extremely difficult, even for me and my boys to take out on my own.” She continued, “Thank God for Operation Blessing and my church that immediately came over to meet the need of helping me pick things up and clear them out.”

Thanks to the support of Operation Blessing partners, Shannon and her boys got the help they needed to begin recovery and renew their faith.

700 Club

$150 a Month for a Family of Four Was Not Enough

Magdalena lives with her husband and two children in a rural community in Mexico. Steady work is hard to find there. As a result, Magdalena has not been able to buy nutritious food to feed her family.

“In a really good month, my husband makes about $150 as a carpenter,” explained Magdalena. “That’s barely enough for our family of four. Most months he doesn’t earn that. Some days food is scarce or very poor quality."
Eight-year-old Yamileth said they sometimes go to bed hungry.

“My belly hurt,” said Yamileth. “We ate tortillas with mayonnaise and salt. Sometimes mom didn’t eat. I felt sad and went to my bed hungry.”

With a few dollars saved, Magdalena bought some chickens to raise and sell. But it was hard for her to keep things going.

“It was a failure,” explained Magdalena. “Although I put in a lot of effort into raising them, the hens got ill and some of them died. I tried this a few different times but always it failed.”

Things got so tight financially that Magdalena’s husband moved to another Mexican state to find work.

“It was hard for all of when he was away,” said Magdalena. “Then he got sick and had to come home. I didn't know how we would find money to pay for food and other expenses.”

Operation Blessing invited Magdalena to take part in a chicken Project. First, training was provided on how to raise and sell the chickens and eggs. Then, she was given everything, including 65 hens, to start the business.

“I carefully followed what I learned and my hens are healthy and productive,” shared Magdalena. “Even my neighbors could see that my chickens are doing great.”

Everyday, Magdalena and her children collect lots of eggs. Her Family eats some and sell the extras to neighbors or at a nearby market.

“Every time, I am more surprised because we collect more eggs, and it brings me a lot of joy,” explained Yamileth.

“I used to wake up stressed, trying to figure out what we would eat that day, or how to make ends meet,” said Magdalena. “Now I get up happy, I make breakfast for my children, and I feed the hens. Thank you, Operation Blessing.”

700 Club

Jewish Contributions to American Independence

The link between America and the Jewish people dates back to the American Revolution. Jewish colonists sacrificed their lives, limbs, and fortunes to help secure American freedom from British rule.

CBN’s impact around the world


Daily prayers for people across the country

CBN’s prayer team prayed with over 1.2 million callers in 2022 alone, while also praying with people through email, social media channels, live chat on the website, and written correspondence.

Latin America

Highlighting testimonies of God’s faithfulness

Vida Dura or “Hard Life” stories are sourced throughout Latin America and produced in Spanish to reach a region with testimonies of people who hit rock bottom and turn to God for change. CBN has a prayer center in Latin America to support people through prayer and faith resources.


Serving in the wake of natural disasters

CBN's Operation Blessing was on the ground quickly in the wake of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey, providing much-needed food, relief supplies, and medical aid. After large-scale natural disasters, Operation Blessing strives to be the first to arrive, and the last to leave, tending to the needs long after the news cameras leave.

Ukraine and Poland

For 30 years, CBN has been serving the people of Ukraine

Through CBN’s Orphan’s Promise and Operation Blessing, we were able to quickly provide valuable resources soon after the conflict began, and we continue to support Ukrainian refugees.


Projected 135 million* watched a CBN program in 2022

CBN partners are reaching children around the world with the Gospel of Jesus through Superbook, a Bible-based animation series. In 2022 alone, children in 139 countries watched at least one episode of Superbook.

Bible Reading for the Day

Read or listen to today's Old and New Testament Bible readings. Each day is portioned to give the entire Bible to you in a year. Start anytime. Scroll forward or backward if you miss any days or want to get ahead.

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