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New MercyMe Song Sets Christian Music Record with Another Billboard Chart Topper


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Portland's Meltdown: A Progressive Experiment That 'Has Gone Colossally Bad'

The West Coast city of Portland has become dangerous and unlivable. What was once known as one of America's most beautiful cities is being slowly destroyed by an epidemic of crime, drug abuse, homelessness, and mental illness. One local compared Portland to an 'open air insane asylum.'

Quitting Health Care: 300,000 Fled the Medical Field, Now Many More Are Planning Their Escape

The next phase in America's "Great Resignation" is shaping up to be a huge problem for U.S. access to medical care.

'This Is a Jesus Home, Satan's Not Welcome Here': How Melissa Joan Hart Went from 'Teenage Witch' to Spiritual Warfare

Actress Melissa Joan Hart has been outspoken in recent years about the faith journey that has led her to find salvation in Jesus Christ. Now she's speaking out about the importance of prayer after she suddenly found herself drawn directly into the tragic school shooting in Nashville. 

Bulgarian Survivor Warns Americans: Socialism 'Is Actually an Anti-Christ System'

Georgian Banov grew up under communism in Bulgaria. He warns young Americans who are embracing socialism that while some of its promises sound appealing, communism and socialism come at a high cost and will rob us of the freedoms we enjoy today.

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'Love That Shirt': Texas Rangers Rookie Points to Jesus During First Week in MLB

Major League Baseball newcomer Evan Carter is using his platform to point people to Jesus.

'Sound of Freedom' Producer Announces He Will Run for President of Mexico

The filmmaker behind the surprise summer blockbuster Sound of Freedom has announced his intention to run for the office of president of Mexico.

Christian Rock Icon Mylon LeFevre Enters Eternity - He Had Ties to Elvis and Led 250,000 to Christ

Christian rock musician and Grammy Award winner Mylon LeFevre died Friday, Sept. 8 following a long battle with cancer. He was 78.