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Ex-Gays Reveal How to Reach Out to LGBTQ Community: 'I Love You and God Loves You'


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'The Chosen' Creator Addresses Pride Flag Flap After Accepting K-Love Fan Award

The faith-based hit series "The Chosen" won its second K-LOVE Fan Award Saturday for its powerful depiction of Jesus feeding the 5,000, but the big moment came in the middle of a controversy. The day after receiving the award, the series' director and creator addressed the online debate about a gay pride flag spotted in a promotional video, saying the production company does not "have a religious or political litmus test."

Missionaries Report Muslims Meeting Jesus in Dreams 'in Levels We Have Never Seen in 1,400 Years!'

Two Assembly of God missionaries are sharing multiple first-hand testimonies of Muslims coming to the Christian faith after encountering Jesus Christ in their dreams.

Ex-Gays Reveal How to Reach Out to LGBTQ Community: 'I Love You and God Loves You'

Members of the LGBTQ community often clash with Christians over the biblical stance against homosexuality. Following a recent tragedy in Colorado, ex-gays, who are Christians, are offering advice on how to navigate and minister when two very different worldviews collide.

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'Medically Appalling': New Studies Confirm Transgender Transitions Harmful to Children

New studies confirm gender reassignment surgeries are failing to improve the lives of people struggling with their gender identity. Instead, these so-called treatments are worsening mental health, contributing to increased feelings of loneliness, and in some cases increasing suicide rates.

2024 GOP Presidential Primary Balloons to 12 Candidates - You'll Recognize the 2 Most Recent Additions

There will soon be 12 candidates vying to lead the 2024 Republican presidential ticket as both Chris Christie and Mike Pence have filed the paperwork to launch their campaigns. 

Rick Warren Slams Southern Baptist 'HYPOCRISY' on Women, Seeks to Restore Saddleback Church

Former Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren issued a tough challenge to the Southern Baptist Convention Monday, calling out the group on social media for what he calls "hypocrisy" when it comes to the role of women in the church.