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Muslim Husband Starved Wife, Left Her as Prey for Wild Animals After Her Secret Conversion to Christ


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The Time God Gave Me a Supernatural Word of Knowledge for Kayleigh McEnany, and It Came True

About six years, I was in our CBN News bureau in Washington, D.C., walking to my desk when I passed our green room and said a friendly hello to a woman I didn't know. She was visiting our bureau and preparing for an interview with one of my colleagues. As I kept walking towards my desk, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to turn around, go in the green room, and befriend the woman sitting in there.  

'It Was Disturbing': Christian College Scores Big Victory After Public School Cut Ties. Here's Why It Matters

A legal dispute that broke out between Arizona Christian University (ACU) and the Washington Elementary School District has been settled after ACU accused the public school system of cutting ties over the institution’s “religious beliefs.”