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Chemo Wasn't an Option - That's When God Supernaturally Healed This Man of Inoperable Cancer


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Pediatric Center Halts Transgender Procedures After State Bans 'Experimentation' on Minors

A Missouri pediatric children's hospital announced it would no longer provide puberty blockers or hormone therapies to children due to a state law that now forces them to stop carrying out these irreversible procedures on minors.

Lauren Daigle, Sadie Robertson Huff on How to Enter God's Rest, Overcoming Fear & Panic

Grammy Award-winning Christian musician Lauren Daigle and former Duck Dynasty star now motivational author - speaker Sadie Robertson Huff had a candid conversation about how they have learned to overcome anxiety, fear, and panic and enter into God's rest. 

Pricey Weight Loss Drug Appears to Also Reduce Cardiovascular Events

The popular weight loss and diabetes medication Wegovy now appears to have significant heart health benefits.  However, the prescription drug is out of reach for most Americans.