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Honoring Pat Robertson, 1930-2023: Witness to a God-Sized, World-Changing Dream

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'An Unjust Arrest!' Street Preacher in PA Arrested While Trying to Quote Bible Verse at Pride Rally

Damon Atkins strolled up to Reading, Pennsylvania’s “first ever” pride rally wielding a sign, a Bible and his faith. Less than one minute after joining a smattering of other Christians expressing their views, Atkins found himself getting hauled off in cuffs and charged with criminal disorderly conduct.

'The Chosen' Creator Addresses Pride Flag Flap After Accepting K-Love Fan Award

The faith-based hit series "The Chosen" won its second K-LOVE Fan Award Saturday for its powerful depiction of Jesus feeding the 5,000, but the big moment came in the middle of a controversy. The day after receiving the award, the series' director and creator addressed the online debate about a gay pride flag spotted in a promotional video, saying the production company does not "have a religious or political litmus test."

Missionaries Report Muslims Meeting Jesus in Dreams 'in Levels We Have Never Seen in 1,400 Years!'

Two Assembly of God missionaries are sharing multiple first-hand testimonies of Muslims coming to the Christian faith after encountering Jesus Christ in their dreams.

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'I'm Free! I'm Free! I'm Free!': Abused and Confused, He Went Transgender Until God Showed Him His True Identity

Samuel Jordon craved the attention he got when he began living as a woman named "Simone." He wanted to seal the deal of his new identity by having breast implant surgery. He thought there'd be no going back, but there was one thing he never saw coming.

How to Stay Healthy as Smoke Spreads from Canada Wildfires

As smoke spreads from wildfires in Canada, health agencies are recommending steps to stay safe from bad air quality. It's important to stay indoors as much as possible and avoid stressful activities like exercising outside. Keep the air in your home clean by closing doors and windows and running portable air filters. The small particles in wildfire smoke can irritate the eyes, nose and throat. If you have to go outside, consider wearing a mask to help protect your lungs. Some groups face higher risks from smoky conditions. Children, older adults and people with health conditions like asthma should take extra precautions.

Street Preacher Reports Cash App Closed His Account for Protesting Pride Events, Drag Shows

A pastor, activist, and prominent street preacher claims Cash App closed his account because the mobile payment app does not approve of him protesting at LGBT events.