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Memorial Day - What Our Heroes Teach Us About How to Fight Our Battles 

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Target Loses $9 Billion in 1 Week After Firestorm Over LGBTQ-Pride Products

Retail giant Target began advertising gay pride products in early May including items for transgender women. Following intense pushback and billions of dollars in losses, the company has decided to remove some of the items from stores. This comes as other businesses expand promotions and displays in association with the June Pride month.

Justin Bieber Shares Simple Gospel Message Then Demonized Woman Finds Jesus in 'Supernatural' Moment

A woman whose painful past led her deep into a world of spiritual darkness is sharing how a chance encounter on a flight with Justin Bieber planted a seed that ultimately led her to give her life to Christ. The encounter was followed by several supernatural moments, and then, "It's this overwhelming peace and I am sobbing and I can't get up....and I felt the Holy Spirit." 

Franklin Graham Warns Christians About Bank Accounts: 'Every Demon in Hell... Turned Loose'

Evangelist Franklin Graham issued a major warning about persecution against Christians in America. It came during his keynote address at the opening session of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention being held through Thursday in Orlando, Florida. 

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'It Was Disturbing': Christian College Scores Big Victory After Public School Cut Ties. Here's Why It Matters

A legal dispute that broke out between Arizona Christian University (ACU) and the Washington Elementary School District has been settled after ACU accused the public school system of cutting ties over the institution’s “religious beliefs.”

Americans Are Ready for Their Money & Values to Align

Americans' view of money as central to their life is at an all-time high, according to a recent Wall Street Journal survey.  

'Inspired by the Book of Revelation': EXCLUSIVE Trailer for Action-Packed, End Times TV Series

A new end-times drama is set to deliver a unique, action-packed approach to biblical prophecy, exploring what the world could look like in the wake of the biblical Rapture.