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Authorities Reveal Shooter at Nashville Christian School Was Transgender, Had a Manifesto


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11-Year-Old Describes Miraculous Healing at Asbury Revival: 'A Genuine Touch from the Lord'

When the Asbury University revival broke out, thousands of people from all ages flocked to Kentucky to join in the mighty move of God.


'Dear Jesus, Please Help Them': Faith Is the Focus After Monster Tornado Kills at Least 25 in Mississippi

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu embraces lawmaker Simcha Rothman on the floor of the Knesset, as people mass outside to protest his government's plan to overhaul the judicial system, Monday, March 27, 2023. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo).
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Netanyahu Puts Hold on Judicial Reform Action, Opposition Leaders Agree to Talk

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the nation Monday night and put his government's judicial reform legislation on hold until after the month-long Knesset Passo