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'God Doing Something Unusual': Revival, Salvations, Baptisms Ongoing in Tiny Kentucky Town

The small town of Slaughters, Kentucky, (pop. 186) is experiencing what has been described as "God doing something unusual" among the area's young people after a few days of unrest occurred at the local high school just a few weeks ago. 

China Moves to Dominate World Food Supply: 'Food Is Power'

During the pandemic, Americans experienced food shortages due to the impact on the world's vulnerable supply chain. Now another global event could make that recent experience the new normal - the brewing battle between China and the U.S. over control of the world's food supply.

'I…Found Jesus': Famed TV Host Julie Chen Moonves Reveals How Faith, Forgiveness Have Transformed Her Life

Longtime “Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves is known for her successful TV career, but she’s also making headlines this month for another reason: her Christian faith.

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Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Parent's Rights Group, Halts School's Trans Mandates

A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of a parental rights group that challenged an Iowa school district on its policy requiring staff and students to affirm their classmate's gender disorder or be punished if they didn't. 

Armenians Fleeing Nagorno-Karabakh in 'Direct Act of Ethnic Cleansing' by Azerbaijan

More than 100,000 ethnic Armenians are now seeking refuge after Azerbaijan, backed by Turkey, took over their ancient homeland.

GOP Conservative Threatens to Oust McCarthy for Siding with Democrats to Avert Shutdown

Congress averted a government shutdown at the last minute on Saturday. In the process, a civil war escalated in the GOP.  Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (CA) turned to Democrats to pass a short-term funding resolution in the House, and 90 Republicans voted against the measure. Now, one GOP holdout is threatening to take the speaker down.