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China Caused a Baby Bust with Forced Abortions, Now 'Forced Pregnancy is in the Future of Chinese Women'

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The People's Republic of China is moving to lower the number of abortions among its female population as the communist country's birth rate has fallen off dramatically.

China's National Bureau of Statistics reported that only 10.62 million babies were born last year, down from 12.02 million in 2020, and the lowest number in recorded history. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, a recent plan by the government-backed China Family-Planning Association outlined a "campaign of intervention" to reduce unplanned pregnancies and abortions among adolescents and unmarried women. It said the aim was to "improve reproductive health." 

After causing its own population decline, the communist regime now allows couples to have three children. The state's previous "one-child policy" had been mandated for decades, forcing a smaller number of women to bear children. In addition to "allowing" more children now, China has also been closing abortion clinics and expanding fertility services to help couples conceive.

Will Chinese Women Have Forced Pregnancies? 

Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, told CBN News during a recent interview that he predicts China will have forced pregnancies just like they had forced abortions. 

"(The government) will begin to force young women to become pregnant. It will begin to force them to carry their pregnancies to term, force them to bear children," he said. "And I say that, knowing that the communist party has now closed down 90% of its abortion centers. They're closing down abortion centers left and right."

Mosher said the Chinese government was hoping for a baby boom after reversing its "one-child policy", but instead the birth rate has dropped yet again. 

"Last June, they went to a 'three child policy' hoping again for a baby boom. They haven't gotten it. The birth rate continues to fall below the abortion rate in China, which are now voluntary abortions. There used to be forced abortions," he explained. "Now voluntary abortions are almost as many as the number of live births. The young people in China don't want to get married, don't want to have children. So I'm afraid, forced pregnancy is in the future of Chinese women."

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CBN News asked Mosher, an internationally recognized authority on China and population issues if China's government had seen any fruits from the one-child policy. 

"Well, the Chinese, the idiots who run the Chinese communist party or should I say the geniuses who run the Chinese communist party have destroyed China's future. Very literally because they've destroyed half of the last two generations they've killed 400 million unborn and newborn children," he noted. "What that means is that the younger generation of Chinese women, because of female infanticide, because of forced abortion, is so small in number that the Chinese communist party would do anything in order to stop the demographic decline and disaster and collapse and implosion that is happening in real-time in China."

"Now they would have to force all young women in China to get married around the age of 20 and to have at least three children. I don't foresee any combination of voluntary, bribes or sanctions that can make that happen because young people in China, aren't interested in many cases in getting married at all," Mosher added. 

The atheistic communist government has been telling its citizens for decades that children are a burden rather than a gift from God, and Mosher says when a government perpetuates a message like that, then people start to believe it. 

"And if they get married, they'll have perhaps one child or no children at all. You see in 2016, they abandoned the one-child policy, went to a two-child policy. And I think the people who run the communist party thought, oh, we'll have a baby boom, no, baby. If you tell people for almost 40 years, that babies are burdens and not blessings if you tell them, they'd be better off not having children or stopping at one, guess what. That has a real-world impact," Mosher said. 

"So last June, they went to a three-child policy hoping again for a baby boom. They haven't gotten it. The birth rate continues to fall below the abortion rate in China," he said.

The Population Research Institute president told CBN News the government is not discouraging abortion because they value life. They clearly don't. They simply need more laborers to prop up the regime and the economy.

"They're not doing it because they value life. They're doing it because they thinned the herd too much, and they need more workers and peasants in the fields and in the factories. And so they're going to build up the herd again," Mosher noted. 

"In those terms, not as individuals created in the image and likeness of God, not as individuals with individual rights. They regard them merely as a mass of workers and peasants to be used, and if the numbers fall too low, to be encouraged to more children. So I'm afraid, forced pregnancy is in the future of Chinese women," he said. 

Mosher said younger members of the communist party are being ordered to have several children as an example to other members of the party. 

"Young members of the CCP are being told they must 'lead by example' and have more than one child," he revealed. "Abortion clinics are being closed down and abortion discouraged. Single women are advised to get married if they are pregnant."

"But persuasion in China often grades into compulsion – sort of 'compelsuasian'. Unless you get pregnant you may lose your job. Will it one day become out-and-out compulsion – tracking menstrual cycles and forcing women to become pregnant?" Mosher continued. 

"Note that they did the opposite for three and a half decades, without any moral qualms whatsoever," he concluded

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