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Dale Hurd

CBN News Reporter

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Dale Hurd utilizes his four decades of experience to provide cutting-edge analysis of the most important events affecting our world.

Since joining CBN News, Dale has reported extensively from Europe, China, Russia, and South America. His reports have been used or cited by NBC News, Fox News, and numerous news websites.

Dale was credited with “changing the political culture in France” through his groundbreaking coverage of the rise of militant Islam in that nation. His stories garnered millions of views in Europe on controversial topics ignored by the European media.

Dale has also covered the fall of the Soviet Union, China's opening to capitalism in the early 1990s, and the Yugoslav Civil War. After 9/11, Dale reported extensively on the global war on terror and the rise of the European Union.

CBN News awarded him its Command Performance Award for his reporting from Moscow and Sarajevo.

Dale is a regular commentator on REELTalk With Audrey Russo on Apple, iHeart, and TuneIn podcasts, as well as radio stations nationwide. He is also a regular guest on Behind the Headlines on Britain’s Revelation TV and CBN News’ Quick Start Podcast.

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