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Should He Stay or Should He Go? Democrats Divided After Biden Debate Flop

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President Biden's tired and confused appearance at the presidential debate has some in the media and the party calling for him to get out of the race. 

Both the New York Times and Atlanta Journal-Constitution have called for him to step aside, as have some major party donors

Democrats are now worried Biden could cost them the Senate and keep them from flipping the House.

Maryland Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin said there are different opinions about the path forward. 

"There are very honest and serious and rigorous conversations happening at every level of our party because it is a political party and we have differences in point of view," Raskin said.

Politico reports members of Biden's family are urging him to stay in the race and privately calling for his top advisors to be fired for the president's poor performance, saying he was not properly prepared.

Delaware Democrat Sen. Chris Coons, a Biden ally, brushed off the president's performance, saying Biden still has the support of many in the Democratic Party.

"He had a scratchy, rough voice, and he answered in ways that were not forceful, but side by side, Donald Trump had a horrifying debate performance. Yes, he spoke plainly, but what he said was lie after lie after lie," Coons said.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN Democrats will still retake the House with Biden on the ticket. "Let us not make a judgment about a presidency on one debate. I don't think it's a problem. It's a bad night," Pelosi said.   

But a new CBS/YouGov poll shows 72% of voters believe Biden does not have the mental and cognitive health to serve as president.

Even the former White House photographer weighed in, posting on Instagram "It's time for Joe to go" and telling Axios, "The debate was not the first bad day, and it's not gonna be the last."

Democratic strategists admit there is no way to change the party's nominee unless Biden himself steps aside. 

The Biden campaign says that would lead to chaos.

Trump supporters offered their opinions to CBN News at a rally in Virginia on Friday. 

Lauren Euhus said, "I think at this point it's kind of a lost cause." 
Rie Sadler said, "I think we started to see really how badly Joe's in decline and it's just sad."

Today, the Trump campaign is expecting a Supreme Court ruling on his claim to presidential immunity, which could shield him from criminal prosecution.  


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