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The Good News

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As I stood on the stone steps of Joppa looking at the hoary wooden door, reading the sign that says House of Simon the Tanner’s, I couldn’t help but praise God for this blessing. Not only was I in Israel, but right where I stood was where God changed my eternity. In Joppa, a tiny town on the Mediterranean Sea, Peter is given a vision by the Lord, including the instructions, “What God has made clean, do not call common” (Acts 10:9-16). This vision was about more than just the food the Jews were allowed to eat; it was the moment that God commanded Peter to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. So as a Gentile, I praise God for this provision.

Having an opportunity to travel to Israel and walk the same streets and visit the same sites that Jesus did so many years ago was an incredible experience. My visit to Joppa was not on our planned tour, but just a short walking distance from our hotel. Joppa was so nice that I visited twice! Because it was the first part of my trip, I tried to remind myself throughout my journey to frame what I was seeing and learning through this posture of praise and thanksgiving that God made a way for me to be in community with Him forever.

In Acts 10:34, we do not know to how many people Peter is sharing the gospel, but we see him doing it boldly and simply. He opens his preaching with a statement effectively explaining that this message is for all:

“…Truly I understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.”

Right before his sermon ends, Peter says,

“and he commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that he is the one appointed by God to be judge of the living and the dead” (verse 42).

So again, I am thankful for Peter and the disciples and their willingness to obey God as He called them to share Jesus with everyone.

Could you imagine being the first people Peter shared about Jesus, having doors open for you that weren’t possible before? I suspect these new believers found themselves praising God and thanking Him for making a way for them!

As a believer, aren’t you thankful for Peter’s obedience to share Jesus with the entire world? I am forever grateful that the Word of God was taken throughout the nations and ultimately to my ears many years later.

Today I want to encourage you with two things. First, who shared Jesus with you? Say a special prayer to the Lord of thanks for them. If possible, reach out to them and thank them for sharing the Good News with you and helping lay the foundation for your eternity in heaven with Jesus! Second, who in your life needs to hear the Good News? Be bold and find strength in Jesus as you share the best news someone will ever hear!


Scripture is quoted from the ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®). ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. The ESV® text has been reproduced in cooperation with and by permission of Good News Publishers. Unauthorized reproduction of this publication is prohibited. All rights reserved. 

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Maria is a Digital Copywriter at CBN who is passionate about using her writing to present the gospel and encourage someone to take the next step in their relationship with Jesus! In addition, she's an avid sports, fitness, and holistic health fan who lives outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband and son.

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