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Mike Huckabee Unveils Biggest Fears About Election, Concerns Over 'Disturbing' Possibilities

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Mike Huckabee has worn many hats in the public square. He was once the governor of Arkansas, a Republican presidential candidate — and a pastor.

Today, he’s a commentator and TV host, sharing his perspective on the news and political happenings of the day.

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The preacher-turned-politico, who has a new daily TBN show, “Huckabee Today,” recently told CBN News he believes the state of American politics today is more polarized than he’s ever seen it.

“I’ve never seen it quite so filled with rancor and contentiousness, but part of that is because people feel very passionately about their beliefs, their country,” Huckabee said. “And we have a divided country … what we have is a divide between those who want to lean towards socialism, where the government gets stronger and bigger — where many people think the government is god.”

He continued, “And then there are still many of us who believe that the government is at best a tool of God, but it needs to be in the hands of people of integrity, people who will use it fairly and justly, but it should never become our god.”

Huckabee said people must remember the importance of freedom — both “individually and corporately” — as a centerpiece of America.

One of the big changes Huckabee has noticed is a political drift within the parties. He said both Democrats and Republicans were once not too far apart and could find common ground.

Today, he believes the dynamic is quite different.

“We’re living in a time now where it’s hard to find common ground with people who believe that we’re an evil country … who believe that America was built on stealing land from people to whom it belonged and therefore we should give it back,” he said. “When you have that much of a fundamental difference, it’s really hard to find common ground and find that sort of center of governing.”

Huckabee also shared his biggest fears about what might unfold policy-wise in November if former President Donald Trump isn’t the victor.

“If he does not win … I think what we’re going to see is an accelerated effort on the part of the government to go after those of us that have been the targets already,” he said, noting examples of parents being painted in a negative light for speaking out about objectionable content. “If [a] mother is labeled [a] domestic terrorist because she spoke up at a school board meeting and that’s already happening, what happens in the next four years when a government thinks that it now has an unbridled right to go after all of its political enemies?”

Huckabee expressed concerns that people will be prosecuted and pursued, using Trump’s legal woes as an example of what he says could happen to others.

“What happens in the next four years, I think, is disturbing,” he continued. “The courtroom then becomes the new public forum, and that’s where we’re going to find increasing numbers of pro-life people, Christian people, pro-Israel people, pro-freedom people finding themselves taken in chains — and when I say that … I don’t mean it figuratively.”

Watch what Huckabee had to say here.

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