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UN Creates Unprecedented, Open-Ended Probe Against Israel: 'This Is Something to Empower Hamas'

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JERUSALEM, Israel – For the first time in its history, the United Nations General Assembly established a permanent commission of inquiry into Israel.

The unprecedented UN decision puts Israel under almost perpetual investigation covering sovereign Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. 

“No such open-ended investigation has ever been leveled against any other UN member state,” says Hillel Neuer, executive director of the UN watchdog, UN Watch.

Neuer says the idea for the commission started during Israel’s war with Hamas last May.

“You have the UN dedicating millions of dollars to targeting one single country –  Israel.  And keep in mind, this is not something to promote peace, human rights, or justice. This is something to empower Hamas. We’ve seen it before. Hamas is the first supporter of these commissions of inquiry,” Neuer told CBN News.

After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the UN formed a commission to address its abuses without any conclusions.  This commission is one of a kind.   

“It is unlimited in its scope, budgeted for millions of dollars,” Neuer explains. “It’s unique in that regard ... It’s going to look at the hostilities that happened in May. But also, at systematic discrimination, which we know for certain, I would say, that they intend to be accusing Israel of the blood libel of apartheid… to accuse Israel alone of being a racist state.”

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Neuer believes those appointed to the commission expose its bias.

“The chair of the commission is Ava Pele. She was the former UN human rights chief. She has said Israel treats international law with ‘perpetual disdain.’ She has also accused Israel of being an apartheid state. So, she’s meant to be the impartial chair of this inquiry.  It’s a farce,” says Neuer.

The commission must submit a report each year to the Human Rights Council and General Assembly.

While the US voted against the resolution, the Biden administration has rejoined the Human Rights Council after the Trump administration pulled out.  Neuer says the US has an opportunity.    

“We hope that the United States will call out this absurdity of members on the council like Cuba, China, Russia, Venezuela. Libya just elected the vice president of the council. The United States needs to call this out… China, Iran, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela,” says Neuer.

“Most of these countries have never had a single commission of inquiry. That’s wrong. The United States needs to take leadership. We need to press our representatives through our president, through the Secretary of State, to speak up and stand up for the right thing.”

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