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Chris Mitchell

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Chris Mitchell

In a time where the world's attention is riveted on events in the Middle East, CBN viewers have come to appreciate Chris Mitchell's timely reports from this explosive region of the world. Chris brings a Biblical and prophetic perspective to these daily news events that shape our world.

He first began reporting on the Middle East in the mid-1990s. Chris repeatedly traveled there to report on the religious and political issues facing Israel and the surrounding Arab states. One of his more significant reports focused on the emigration of persecuted Christians from the Middle East.

In the past, Chris' reporting has been distinguished by award-winning coverage of revival movements and other spiritual issues. In addition to the Brownsville revival in Pensacola, Florida, he also covered an outbreak of revival in Missouri. His report on the "holy laughter" revivals in Toronto and London was named CBN's "Focus Story of the Year" in 1994.

That same year, Chris also earned a "Short Story of the Year" award for his examination of religious coverage in network news. He has reported on such movements as the Promise Keepers and the annual "Prayer and Fasting" campaign led by the late Campus Crusade founder, Dr. Bill Bright.

In addition to his reports for The 700 Club, Chris is a regular contributor to Christian World News, a weekly 30-minute newscast that airs nationally in multiple markets.

Before joining CBN News in 1992, Chris worked for three years as a researcher, producer, and reporter for the Features/Testimonies department of The 700 Club.

A native of the Boston area, Chris earned a B.A. in History at the University of New Hampshire in 1975. In 1987, he graduated with honors from Regent University, earning an M.A. in Communication. While a student at Regent (then CBN University), he anchored Newsight, a student-produced Christian news program.

After almost a decade with CBN News, Chris' goal is to provide in his stories the Biblical "understanding of the times" described in I Chronicles 12:32.