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The Iron Dome is Saving Both Israeli and Palestinian Lives

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In just more than a week, over 3,700 rockets have been fired into Israel, sending 4 million Israelis running to bomb shelters.

Over the skies of Israel, an aerial battle has taken place with the Iron Dome tracking down and killing more than 90% of the rockets coming out of Gaza.

CBN News met one of the men responsible for creating this technological marvel, Ret. Gen. Doron Gavish, who came out of civilian life during the current conflict.

“Ten years ago, it was only the beginning. You know, we kind of had to invent the wheel. There is no other place in the world where something like this is going on.”

Along with help from the US, Israel developed the Iron Dome ten years ago to stop the rocket fire. Through cooperation and funding from the US, Israel developed the anti-missile system ten years ago. It’s the technological equivalent of a bullet hitting a bullet.

One picture that’s gone viral around the world captured the essence of the Iron Dome. On the right side, you see rockets fired out of Gaza, and on the other the Iron Dome shooting them down.

“I see the willingness of Hamas to throw rockets into our cities,” said Gen. Gavish. “This is something that is intolerable. This is something that we cannot accept. Neither us, not neither any democracy in the world.” 

Gen. Gavish sees it as a true lifesaver on both sides of the fight. Many believe that without the Iron Dome, Israel would have been forced into a ground war with potentially massive casualties.  

“By the end of the day, we could look in the mirror and say we did something for the defense of Israel. We did something for the civilians and we are saving life and this is what the air defense is doing," said Gen. Gavish.

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