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'Help Us Get Her out in Jesus Name': The Fearless Group That Rescued Innocents from ISIS

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JERUSALEM, Israel The fight against ISIS nine-month battle to liberate Mosul is over. Throughout the bloody campaign, one ministry put itself on the front lines to provide medical relief, humanitarian aid and the Gospel. One brave rescue by this ministry captured the hearts of millions.

It's a sprint between life and death that's gone viral – 12 seconds that showed true sacrifice to a world searching for hope – now seen and shared by millions.

Dave Eubank of the Free Burma Rangers told CBN News why he risked his own life to save this six-year-old Iraqi girl.

"For love," Eubank said. "I'd want someone to save my kid. And I think whenever you're terrified, you should first ask, 'Am I supposed to do this?' Ask God this – not yourself – ask God and if He says do it, then ask for love because when you're really scared, you need love and when you have love, you'll do anything for anyone. So love is what makes you really brave. And God gave me enough of that to run across, grab the girl."     
And that's not the only heroics shown by Eubank and his team.

"We're here to rescue, try to rescue this little girl. We're in the ISIS territory, surrounded by them. Lord Jesus, help us. Help us get her out in Jesus name, amen," he prayed.

She made it too.

"You're going to be okay. God bless you in Jesus name. She's alive!"

Eubank started his front lines ministry 20 years ago in Burma. Three years ago, they answered the call to come to Iraq, Syria and Kurdistan.

"Our mission is to give help – mostly as medical help – and hope, reminding people they're not forgotten – and love, saying that we love you and even if you have nothing left, we're with you and God loves you and you can call on His name," he continued. "God sent Jesus to save us and you can call on Him anytime."

His team showed that love to the people of Mosul and the Iraqi army during the fight to free the city from ISIS.

As Islamic State fighters fired at people trying to escape, the Free Burma Rangers rushed into the killing zone. One critically wounded Muslim woman Eubank tried to save didn't survive.

Yet in the midst of this carnage, Eubank's wife, Karen, and their three children bring fun, games and the Gospel. She explained it began back in Burma when they helped neighbors who were in trouble.

"It was very natural to go to people that you knew, churches that you knew, villages that you knew," she recalled. "And then as those villages were in conflict, it was still natural because you want to help people that you love. And so, we would stay with the families there and as things were intense and fighting increased on the front line, we would still stay with the families."
Now their children say it's natural to help the people of Iraq.

"Well, we wouldn't be there if it wasn't for God and we feel very blessed to have this opportunity and that He's put us there," Sahale Eubank explained. "Not many people get to go to Mosul and get to help there in that area. So we feel very blessed to be there, but also, it's not – it's – I mean, of course, there's always the danger of being shot and stuff like that and so we also feel blessed that He's protected us through all this and that we're all still alive."

"I call them the epitome of Kairos Christian work because they're the tip of the spear,  providing medical treatment, hope, love, praying with people, bearing their burdens and it's all a loving sacrifice, a great example of being a light in a very dark place,"  
said Victor Marx with All Things Are Possible Ministry.

When CBN News joined Eubank on the front lines, we found a man of constant prayer.

"We can't take care of everybody, but you can take care of the person in front of you," Eubank said. "Are these some of the kids?  They've been out here three days and we have food, but it's the same thing every day and some water. So I'm going to pray real quick. Lord Jesus help these people go to a safe place tonight, in Jesus name, amen."

Remember that little Iraqi girl Dave saved? The team found a Superbook video for her to watch, a Gospel tool Karen finds invaluable.

"One other thing that I really loved is being able to give kids exciting stories, and Superbook has been a big blessing in my ministry as with kids there," she said. "It says in that indigenous language things that I can't say in full and the beautiful animation goes a long way in places where there is no media.  

"So, thank you Superbook team for, like being able to share that in very restricted foreign area … We've been able to show Superbook in Korean language, in Burmese, in Arabic, to frontline communities and that's a bit of encouragement as well as normal life. We get to watch a video and we get to watch fun stories of God's faithfulness.  So Superbook is a big blessing," she said.

Now on a speaking tour in the States, Eubank brings a message back to America.

"Those rescues we did, we could not do without your prayer, without emails that said be bold, without words from Scripture that people just woke up in the middle of the night and felt they were supposed to give us. Those all came back to me," he said. "A greater love hath no man than this that he lay down his life for his friends.  This verse came to me at a time I wanted to be afraid and not do something.  And thank you, Church, for praying for us and everywhere you pray and you do.  It makes a – it makes an eternal difference.
"Be kingdom focused.  What does God want me [to do]? How am I to pray? And know that the power of Jesus will defeat Satan. So let's join Him," Eubank said.


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