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Watch the National Day of Prayer for Israel from the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem

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Tuesday (Nov. 7) marks one month since Hamas launched its brutal attack on Israel, massacring 1,400 men, women, and children, including 33 Americans. 

Christians and Jews worldwide are coming together to fight the spiritual battle for the Jewish State.

Rabbis, Christian leaders, and members of Israel's Knesset gathered at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem Monday night for a special National Day of Prayer.

Watch the "National Day of Prayer For Israel" below.

Rabbi Tuly Weisz, an Orthodox rabbi, who's spearheading the event, appeared on Monday's edition of CBN's The 700 Club to talk about the event. 

Wiesz explained in the Jewish tradition, Jews mark 30 days following the burial of a loved one, as the mourning period to some extent diminishes. In Hebrew, the time is called the Shloshim, and the Shloshim ceremony will be held at the Great Synagogue on Monday evening for those who were murdered by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7. 

In addition to the rabbis and Christian leaders who will be speaking at the event, Rachel Goldberg, the mother of Hersh Goldberg-Polin, her eldest child and only son who was abducted by Hamas at a music festival in southern Israel, will also be speaking. 

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When asked why it is important for Christians and Jews to stand together right now, the rabbi told 700 Club host Gordon Roberson, "Christians understand that their faith is linked with the faith of the Jewish people and with Israel. We have seen in our lifetime such great miracles. God returning the people of Israel to the land of Israel. The fulfillment of biblical promises shows that God keeps his promises and that He is active in our world."

"And Christians have been supporting Israel for decades because it is the greatest sign of the eternity of the Bible and God's promises," Wiesz noted. "And so Christians are with us in our fight against radical Islam and our fight against evil. The Hamas terrorists, radical Islam, are not shy about expressing their views: first, the Saturday people and then the Sunday people."

The rabbi explained the best way to pray for Israel today is through the words of King David. It's a prayer Jews have been saying since Oct. 7, he said. 

"We have been pouring our hearts into the prayers and into the psalms.  And King David's words and through the songs is what unites us. In Israel today, the posters that are everywhere – the whole country is covered in blue and white posters that say in Hebrew two words that mean 'TOGETHER WE WILL WIN,'" Wiesz said. "We're seeing unprecedented levels of unity here in Israel."

"And as a rabbi who works with the Christian population through my organization Israel365, I believe (the words) TOGETHER WE WILL WIN also refers to the spiritual partnership between Christians and Jews. TOGETHER WE WILL WIN," he said. 

Robertson also asked Wiesz about the disturbing anti-Israel demonstrations in city streets around the world and how to educate pro-Palestinian protesters that Israel has a right to exist. 

He responded that it is the challenge of our generation and we have given up to a large extent. 

"We have seen Hollywood turn against us and turn against our values. We have not done enough to prevent that. And as a result, foreign entities are investing not millions but billions of dollars in re-educating, manipulating, and misinforming our next generation. And the results are terrifying," the rabbi said.  

"What needs to be done is something the Jewish people and faithful Christians are doing, and that is teaching our children our values. Teaching our kids the Bible. And by doing so, we will prevail," Wiesz continued. "It seems like we're losing the public relations war, but I think what we are seeing is a lot of hype and misinformation. The elements they are protesting, they are protesting very loudly. But they do not represent the majority of Americans who are repulsed at the level of ignorance and evil that they are seeing on their own college campuses, and I think what's going to trigger a bounce back in a right direction."

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