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An Income Increase of 200%—Here’s a Discipline You Can’t Afford to Overlook

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“Since I’ve started being disciplined in my tithing and giving, I’ve seen about a 100% increase in my salary and income.”

Dr. Paul and Anncy Rowe are disciplined, high-achieving professionals. She is a global marketing executive in the beauty industry, and he is a physician and global medical officer for a pharmaceutical company. Despite this, they both initially struggled to fully grasp the concept of tithing and giving. Anncy says, “I’m very disciplined in all of my life, but tithing just wasn't so clear to me and evident, the criticalness of that 10%.”

In 2009, they came upon a new church, with a pastor who explained the discipline of tithing in a way that resonated with the couple. Paul says their pastor, Dr. David Ireland, lead pastor of Christ Church in Northern New Jersey [], also a former engineer, is “a teacher and motivator, all in one; he approached tithing systematically, academically,” Paul says. The Rowes soon began to understand the biblical basis for tithing, and how these resources supported the church’s practical needs, its community, and missions outreaches.

Paul says: “The teaching distinguished between being generous and being disciplined in tithing. That was eye-opening! Tithing is a true discipline. We’d go home, incorporate the lessons of the week, and see our lives changing.”

Later on at the start of 2020, Anncy was anxious about new product launches, so she went forward for prayer one night at church. Her pastor called her out and said: ‘You are going to be a chatterbox for God. You are going to be on fire within the corporate environment. You are going to love your job...and continue to climb the corporate ladder.’ Anncy went on to have one of the best years in her career. Then, later on that year, Paul and Anncy then responded to an appeal at their church to plant a special seed offering.

Within a few weeks of giving that offering, Anncy received the highest review ever given by her superior, and her bonus was exactly 10 times the amount of their offering.

Today, the Rowes’ combined income has increased by 200% since they began tithing. Paul and Anncy’s message to anyone who is not tithing, “Change your perspective...The protection, the favor...everything that God provides, and the doors that He opens for you, when you're faithful. You’re talking about providing for your family, doing what's right for your children --- you can't afford not to [tithe]. When you're able to have that understanding, it's transformative. It changes your life, honestly.”

View some of Dr. Ireland’s messages on giving and tithing that changed Paul and Anncy’s lives at .

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