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When God Repays

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CBN partners, Emanuel, and Jennifer Caiati, were just newlyweds when Emanuel fell critically ill with Covid. He landed in the hospital in 2020 on a ventilator, and in a coma. Doctors didn't expect him to survive. One bad report followed another, as Jennifer and their church family kept praying for three weeks for Emanuel to live.

Jennifer recalls: “And we called CBN at that moment as well and asked them to pray and agree with us because there's been many times that we have called CBN for different things, and they have always been there to pray with us, and to see a miracle happen.”

Emanuel reports: “God spared my life. And it was a miracle.”

After Emanuel's near-death experience, the couple says now, more than ever, they look for ways to give to others in their darkest hour. 

Emanuel adds: “And, and we just knew when we saw October 7th happen, we knew it'd be a matter of days before CBN went in there and was helping people. So we have been giving regularly to CBN Israel.”

Emanuel, an attorney, has had a heart for people in need since his youth growing up in New York City. It’s one reason he’s been supporting CBN since 1992.

"I got interested in what they were saying in the testimonies I was seeing. So as soon as I started earning any money, I would tithe and I would give to my church. And I started also giving to The 700 Club. I started as a 700 Club member.  And now I've worked my way up to the Thousand Club."

Jennifer states, “When we give above and beyond the tithe, and we are giving into places like CBN and they're providing for a child's smile, or they're providing for a nation that's torn by a war. So, I love to give because it is the heart of the Father."

Jennifer also points out that helping the poor follows God's teachings and is a lifeline in times of crisis, like when Emanuel was critically ill.

Jennifer quotes The Bible: [Psalm 41:1-3] “Blessed is the one who considers the poor. The Lord will deliver him in his time of trouble. And when he is on his sick bed, the Lord will raise him up.”

Emanuel concludes: “If you've been watching CBN and you are feeling a nudge from God to give, trust the nudge. If you have it to give, give from a, a sense of joy. Give from a desire to help, and give what God tells you to give.”



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