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God Invites You to Test Him!

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Welcome to a thriving holiday gift market! This is Stacie's Bowie's creation: 15 separate markets a year with a thousand different vendors all over The Lone Star State, and it's growing! Stacie reported: "Customers absolutely love our market. They come to find unique gifts that they're not gonna find in the big box store."

Stacie's entrepreneurial breakthrough wasn't instant. She started her business in 2004 by crafting and selling homemade candles at regional markets. 

Stacie said: "By 2007, we were about 20,000 to 25,000 in debt from having to put booth fees, gas, and everything on credit cards. I would say I was really close to the point of bankruptcy."

Stacie wanted to get out of debt and put her business in the black. When she prayed about her business, she kept coming back to an idea: launch an artisan market. Stacie added: "One day, I was driving down the road, and I heard the Lord say: 'It's time.' And that was all I heard was, 'it's time.' The show took place in 2008. It was so good that we went in the office and booked a spring show and booked the vendors on site for a spring show." 

Then, while joining a new church, Stacie decided to commit to tithing. Stacie said: "I learned the importance of tithing. In Malachi three [verses 9-10], it says: 'Who would rob God?' And it says: 'If you are not giving tithe, you are robbing God.' And then He even goes further to say: 'Test me and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out more than you can contain.' That was an eye-opener for me."

As Stacie tithed, Greg, her husband, felt indifferent but not opposed to her new financial priorities. Greg recalled: "She had her faith and I was seeing her faith growing."

Meanwhile, Stacie's business thrived, and her income soared; she wiped out their debts. Stacie continued: "From 2010 to 2014, [it] was pretty significant. We went from being in debt to the shows growing so fast that we were able to pay off credit cards. We had paid off our house in full; close to probably 2012 we paid off the cars and completely out of debt. I got a big contract for wholesale, for candles, and in 2014, I had a huge order for almost $50,000 wholesale and candles."

Despite Stacie's increased income, Greg knew he needed much more than a financial breakthrough. Greg said, "Getting my spiritual life in order was the most important thing. Thankfully, my wife led me to the Lord. And I actually made a conscious effort to establish and have a real relationship with Christ, having God at the center of my life every day."

Soon, Greg shared Stacie's enthusiasm for tithing and giving. Stacie added: "I think when Greg and I became in unity and one accord with our tithing, I think that's probably the biggest attribute to the growth that we started having because I would say things doubled or tripled after that." 

Within seven years of her first market, Stacie expanded her operation from one to five, attracting over 100 vendors at each event. In 2016, Greg took over their candle business. Within three years, he increased sales revenue by 25%. Stacie continued to add markets and vendors yearly so by 2024, she operates 15 of them across Texas.  

Stacie concluded: "If you have never been a tither, never give any kind of offerings or anything, I challenge you. Just like Malachi three says, 'test God,' try it. Be consistent and see what miracles he can do in your life."

Visit Stacie's Home for the Holidays Gift Market at:

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