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 A Child Prays and Miracles Happen

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Six-year-old, Model, has been living with her grandparents after her mother remarried and abandoned her three years ago. “My grandparents are kind,” she told CBN. “They love me and take very good care of me. I hug and kiss them often. I love them so much.”

Model and her grandparents are Buddhist. One day, a Christian neighbor invited Grandma and Model to her church. In Sunday school, Model watched CBN’s Superbook story, In the Beginning. “I had never heard about God before,” said Model. At the end of the episode Model prayed with her teacher to become a Christian.  

“I wanted my sins to be forgiven and to become a child of God,” she said with confidence. “I love the Salvation Poem and sing it for Grandma. I ask her to take me to church every week so I can watch Superbook and know God more.”

One day, Grandma lost her job as a housekeeper and Grandpa was about to lose the taxi he drove because he got behind on his payments. “Then Grandpa and I watched the Superbook story, 'The Miracles of Jesus,'” said Model. “The Bible characters prayed to God and He helped them. We prayed that Jesus would help my grandparents and do miracles for them too!" 

A few days later, Grandma got her job back. And a regular client gave Grandpa 14-hundred-dollars so he could keep his taxi! Model’s grandparents were so amazed that they prayed to become Christians too. 

“Thanks to the people who gave us Superbook!” declared Model. “We are growing stronger in our faith in Jesus. Thank you!”

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