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Lust or Trust?

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When our son Tim was little and wanted an extra helping of dessert, we’d tell him, “That’s too much!” And he’d reply, “I want too much!” 

In a way, many adults have that same attitude. They want too much! TV commercials every 30 seconds create a demand for things people don’t need -- a bigger house, a newer car, a nicer couch. Banks are giving credit cards to college students with no income. I’ve even heard of young people who committed suicide after accumulating a minor amount of debt which seemed insurmountable. 

The world entices you with attractive things, but once you’re in debt, you’re in bondage. Paying an interest rate of 18 percent is a trap that’s awfully hard to escape.

When our family came to Virginia to establish CBN, we ate a lot of soybeans and used orange crates for furniture, but we stayed out of debt. 

God knows our true needs. When we come into His presence and praise Him, we realize that He holds all possibilities in His hands. He is on our side. He is our loving Father. All we need to do is come to Him like a little child who says, “Daddy, I need something.” 

But you can’t hold the attitude, “I’ve got to have it now or I’ll go out and take it.” That’s lust, and it gets you into trouble.

Lust is wanting it now -- but trust is depending upon God to provide. 

Jesus talked about this in the Sermon on the Mount, asking,  

“Doesn't life consist of more than food and clothing? … If God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow, won't He more surely care for you? You have so little faith! Why be like the pagans who are so deeply concerned about these things? Your heavenly Father already knows all your needs, and He will give you all you need from day to day if you live for Him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern” ( b, 30, 32-33).

There’s a wonderful freedom in putting God first in your life and trusting Him for your needs. 

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Dr. Robertson served as the founder and chairman of The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc. (CBN); co-founder, chancellor, and chief executive officer of Regent University; founder of Operation Blessing Relief and Development Corporation (OB); founder and president of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ); co-founder and chairman of International Family Entertainment, Inc.; and a leading force behind several other influential organizations and broadcast entities. His greatest treasure in life was knowing Jesus Christ and having the privilege of proclaiming Him and His power to others

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