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Ways to Make an Eternal Difference During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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How would you like to make a difference – even an eternal difference - during this Coronavirus crisis? Karen Covell of the Hollywood Prayer Network has come up with several creative and redemptive ways for Christians to reach out to your family, friends, and neighbors … and make a difference! Given the fact that most of us are shut in or restricted in our movements, these recommendations are practical, doable and could really change someone’s life.    

• Pray daily for the person you chose to pray for and ask the Lord how to love and/or serve that person. And pray that same way for everyone in your life!

• Send texts of encouragement, humor, wise thoughts, quotes or encouraging words to others.

• Email prayers, loving words or even fun pictures to the people in your life who may get a chance to smile at a great picture, or ponder a profound thought that may be a new thought to them or just be encouraged to hear from you. 

• Call anyone in your life who comes to mind. If someone pops up in your mind, take a moment to call and just let them know you're thinking of them. Even just leaving a loving message could make someone's day.

• If you are willing and able: Make a simple flier to put on the doors of your apartment building or neighborhood houses, letting your neighbors know how to call you if they are in need, or offer to deliver the groceries to their door, if they can't get out themselves, to cut their lawn if they need it, or do anything that might be hard for them during this time. Introduce yourself to them, give them your name, address, email and/or phone # and let them know you're there for them.

• Set up a zoom or google hang out call with your small group, prayer group, or friend group and touch base once a week. It's the next best thing to being there.

• Set up meetings by zoom or google hang out. 

• Write a handwritten note encouraging and/or love notes and mail them to your friends and family or co-workers. What a wonderful surprise it is to get mail when all we're getting is junk mail and bills. There's nothing more personal than a hand-written note in the mail.

• Have something special delivered to someone through Amazon or anywhere that ships. You can send things for fun, because you thought of them, or because you know they love something and it will remind them of you, etc. If you have the finances to do it, that could be very fun.

• PRAY! Take neighborhood prayer walks, pray for everyone on your work contact list, or make prayer lists of family, friends, associates and even strangers who are on your mind. People need prayer because of financial hits, isolation, discouragement, and fear!

• As you watch movies, remember to take extra time, in the end, to use the credit list as a prayer list. If you pray for all the names that pop out at you as you read the credits you could be praying for people who have never been prayed for before! How cool is that?

 Let's go out and change the world - one loving act of service at a time!!!


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