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Twitter Admits Shadowban Plan: Conservatives on Twitter Brace for MORE Censorship

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Twitter has announced new measures to crack down on "trolls" on the social media platform. But because the company is so Left-leaning, conservatives are preparing for the worst.
While the company isn't using the now popular term "shadowban," they appear to be admitting that's basically what they're doing.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has in the past tweeted his approval of an article calling for the annihilation of the conservative movement.
So, when Twitter says it is going to "improve the health of the public conversation on Twitter," many conservatives see that as code for censorship of their views.
Twitter will monitor a set of behaviors to decide whether to begin hiding all tweets from suspect accounts. 
The company says, "We're tackling issues of behaviors that distort and detract from the public conversation in those areas by integrating new behavioral signals into how Tweets are presented. By using new tools to address this conduct from a behavioral perspective, we're able to improve the health of the conversation, and everyone's experience on Twitter, without waiting for people who use Twitter to report potential issues to us."
Conservatives tweeted their displeasure:

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