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Ramadan Prayer Outreach to Muslims Reaches over 7 Million People

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The Islamic holy month of Ramadan ended earlier this week. The month is when hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world observe 30 days of fasting and prayer.

Many Christians pray for Muslims during Ramadan and here at CBN News our social media team created an extraordinary outreach.

They brought together 10 ministries to lead viewers in prayer for the Muslim world over the last 10 days of Ramadan.

The CBN News prayer outreach included ministries like 838 Ministries, Iran Alive, Voice of the Martyrs, Global Hope, Crescent Project, and Isak Abla Ministries.

Broadcast on Facebook live, those prayers reached more than 7 million people and were viewed by 571,000 people.

"Ramadan is the perfect season to pray that Muslims will experience the forgiveness of Christ, and even forgiveness from those they persecute," wrote Jason Peter, associate vice president of Connection for The Voice of the Martyrs.

"Our Christian family is being persecuted today. We will not let them suffer in silence. We will not let them serve alone," he said.

Several ex-Muslims shared their conversion stories during the event.

"Thank you for sharing. I am in your shoes. I was a Muslim have been a follower of Christ now for the last 11 years coming," participant Sarah Bellinda said. "I am outcasts from my home, lost my friends and family and being separated from my only child for the last 10 years. Praise the lord for He is the One."

"I became a Christian because of the power of prayer," one participant called Shehab said.

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