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Poland Offers Payments for Parents Who Don't Abort Disabled Babies


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Polish lawmakers approved a measure Friday to pay a bonus to parents of disabled babies.

Fox News reports the policy, called "For Life"  is aimed at lowering the number of abortions and will take effect next year. According to the policy, the government will pay parents of disabled babies 4,000 zlotys, or $1,000.

One government official says the money acts as a "first step" of support for parents who face the unique challenges of raising a disabled child. 

The policy is another example of the country's firm pro-life stance. 

Abortions are officially illegal except in cases when the mother's life or heath is threatened, when a woman is raped, or when the baby is damaged beyond repair.  

Some conservatives even believe these exceptions should be outlawed too. 

Many doctors are careful to avoid abortion because of the threat of suspended licenses or jail time if they do. 

According to government data, 1,040 abortions were performed last year. Most of these were done on babies born with severe genetic disabilities. 

Lawmakers hope this new measure will bring that number down even lower.

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