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Muslim Mob in Uganda Kills Man One Week After His Conversion to Christianity

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A mob of radical Muslims killed a man in Uganda one week after he converted to Christianity.

International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that 41-year-old Yusuf Kintu, a former imam, was badly beaten and left unconscious on Dec. 7. Pastor Andrew Nyanma of the Full Gospel church in Dolwe, Uganda said he talked to Kintu on Nov. 30 about having faith in our Lord and Savior which led to his conversion.

"We had been talking on several occasions but he was so argumentative when we touched on matters related to faith," the pastor explained. "He was a brilliant Muslim imam but also respected other people's faith. On this day, he was calm and receptive. He gave me humble time to explain to him why Christ is the only way to the Father. He repented of his sins and committed to following Christ."

Prior to his conversion, Kintu and his family lived in a house close to the mosque. Three days after he became a Christian, his wife divorced him and left with two of their young children. She went to her father's home in the Bugiri District and left behind their two older children, Abudkriim 19, and Sauda 16. 

Kintu's community was angry that he had converted to Christianity. This led the local Muslims to form a mob, then they brutally attacked Kintu.

"According to several witnesses, the local Muslim community was upset in Yusuf for leaving Islam and becoming a Christian," says ICC's partner in Uganda. "Yusuf was seriously beaten and left unconscious. His older son and daughter were not able to help him immediately, until morning when Pastor Andrew arrived and took him to the hospital." 

Kintu was taken to the hospital to receive medical care, but passed away.

Cruel and brutal acts against Christians have been steadily increasing in Uganda.

CBN News reported last month that a pastor and two Christian boys were killed by Muslim extremists. 

And last September, a 13-year-old Christian girl and her 11-year-old brother were reportedly abducted by a radical Muslim woman and sold to a witchdoctor for ritual sacrifice

Child sacrifice in Uganda is such a serious and widespread problem that the government has even set up an anti-child sacrifice and human trafficking task force.  

Please pray for all Christians who are suffering from persecution throughout the world.

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