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Migrant Muslims on the Prowl: 'These Men Act in Groups and Start Hunting, Treating the Women Like Prey'

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From London to Vienna to Stockholm, young migrant men, mostly from Muslim-majority countries, are targeting white women for sexual violence and harassment. 

European governments are doing little to stop the attacks or punish the perpetrators for fear of being labeled racist. 

Now some are warning that immigration and Islam are endangering women's rights and security across Europe. 

For some forty years, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of young women have been drugged, raped, and beaten across dozens of UK cities by men belonging to so-called grooming gangs.

"They are gangs of men who groom young teenage girls and abuse them for sex and end up," explained Tim Dieppe, with UK's Christian Concern. "In some cases, imprisoning them and passing them around to lots of other guys, lots of other people, and even selling them for sex and these girls get abused for many years."

The problem not only continues, but it's also getting worse.

December 2020. British authorities charged 32 men in a grooming gang with 200 sexual exploitation offenses against 8 girls, some as young as 13. 

"Arrests and prosecutions have happened around 40 different cities across the country," Dieppe told CBN News. "In one or two cities, we know there are at least a thousand victims, so that's many thousands of victims and many of these victims have been raped and abused by more than one abuser. So, the scale of the problem is massive."

Most perpetrators convicted so far are reportedly Muslim. The majority of their victims are white girls.

"My story is that, over 20 years ago, I was targeted in my late teens."

At the time, Ella Hill, not her real name, was living in Rotherham, north of London, when targeted by a Pakistani Muslim grooming gang

"[I was] raped, beaten, strangled, suffocated, tortured, almost drowned to death, suffocated to death and really, really brutally harmed, covered in bruises," Ella recounted.

Hill said it was made clear to her by her attackers that because she was white, a non-Muslim, a non-virgin, and didn't dress modestly, that she deserved to be punished. 

She was reportedly raped over 100 times and endured what she says was "religiously sanctioned sexual violence and torture."

"People need to hear it from survivors that these are racially and religiously aggravated crimes," Ella said during an interview with the YouTube show "TRIGGERnometry."

"When I was being beaten, I was being called a 'white slag" a 'white whore' a 'white c**' and over and over again, the references to my whiteness was always at the forefront of my perpetrator's mind and that was always linked to his religion and his idea of what a good Muslim was and what a good Muslim wasn't."

She escaped a year later, becoming part of the UK's largest-ever child sexual abuse investigation.

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More than 20 years later, these same types of assaults in European cities are only getting worse.

"The sexual violence is increasing because of the number of immigrant men from Muslim-majority countries who are responsible for most of these, not all of them, but for most of these acts," said Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a well-known human rights activist, and best-selling author.

In her new book Prey: Immigration, Islam, and the Erosion of Women's Rights, the Somali-born activist argues that immigration and Islam are major factors threatening women's safety.

"I've spoken to women who say they are too scared to get out of their homes to take their children to the daycare center, to walk in parks, to walk on the sidewalk," Ali told CBN News.

She documents how a surge of migrants coming to Europe from Muslim-majority countries has led to a spike in rapes, sexual harassment cases, and other violence against native, white women. 

"There are groups of men, most of them immigrant, trying to touch them, trying to grope them; sometimes these men act in groups and they start hunting, treating the women like prey and start assaulting them."

At the core, Ali says, is an Islamic view that European women are neither pure nor modest, are too free, and therefore immoral, deserving severe punishment.

"When they come to countries where women are free and go about their business as they please, these men are shell-shocked and start to behave really badly," Ali said. 

"I'm not saying all of them do, that's very important to note, but a large enough minority does and now we are seeing social cohesion problems in Europe," she added.

Sweden has one of the most liberal refugee policies and the country's police chief warned last year that they were struggling to contain a rising wave of violence committed by migrant mafia gangs.

Tim Dieppe with the UK's Christian Concern says some European governments are in denial, refusing to admit the problem is partly linked to immigration and Islam.

"People are afraid to tackle this, afraid to talk about it because they don't want to be called racist and that means that we are sacrificing young girls on the altar of political correctness," Dieppe told CBN News.

He points to a recent UK government report which failed to mention the role Islam may have played in fueling some of the grooming gangs. 

"There are people in the government, and in the civil service in particular, who just didn't want to go down that route and the excuse they used was 'we've not got enough data' but there evidence from victims and others that Islam has played a role," said Dieppe.

Ella Hill says she went to the police five times, yet they never did anything. 

She believes authorities back then were afraid to take action for fear of triggering unrest in the Muslim community.

"A lot of it has to do with race and religion which a lot of people don't like talking about and they don't like to hear it," Hill said. "This is why I feel compelled to talk about what's happened and what is still happening."

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As a refugee, Ali says she's not against immigration. She insists, however, European governments must have effective programs to help integrate and assimilate new migrant arrivals.

"If we don't do that, we are going to empower the far-rights, the Russian misinformation agents, and the radical Islamists," Ali warned. "The radical Islamists are saying, 'Oh, we have a solution to the problem: you don't want sexual misconduct against women in the public space? Then why don't they stay at home and cover themselves up.' That's the kind of proposition they have."

Since she was attacked, Hill has spent years speaking out on behalf of victims of sexual exploitation. It hasn't been easy. 

She's been labeled a racist for reporting the abuse and threatened by far-left groups like Antifa because she's white. 

"I get called a Nazi, I get called a fascist, I get called a bigot, I get called an enemy of Islam, which is all lies, I'm not any of those things, at all," insisted Hill.

She is a Christian, though, and says her faith is what keeps her grounded and strong.

"My very strong belief is: love your enemy, and bless those who curse you and do good to those spitefully use you, that is what I fall back on again and again," said Hill.

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