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It's Called 'Greatest Humanitarian Crisis of our Time'

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As the liberation of the city of  Mosul, the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq, progresses as many as one million refugees are caught in the cross fire.  World Help president Vernon Brewer, calls it "the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time."

Brewer spoke to CBN News via SKYPE in Iraq, not far from the fighting. 

"There's great anticipation here as the assault is ahead of schedule and being successful"  he said.

However, aid organizations say it will take all government and non-government agencies around the globe working together to address the needs, especially as winter approaches.

Right now, most refugee camps in Iraq are full. Humanitarian groups are working to provide new places of shelter.  Orphans in the camps may be the most vulnerable, especially susceptible to frostbite and disease in the coming months.

Brewer encourages believers to pray for the refugees, that God will meet their physical needs and give them hope.  Some refugees, he says are eager to go home but unsure if their homes are still standing. 

"I've met refugees who carry their key rings around with them with their house keys on them," he said, "and I ask them 'what is that for?' and {they say} 'it's a reminder of what we've left behind because we want to go back.'"


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