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'An Islamist War Against Jesus': How This Imam Is Fighting Radical Islam to Build Peace with Christians, Jews

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Muslim author Mohammad Tawhidi tells CBN News' Sr. International Correspondent George Thomas that America must do more to challenge countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran for their support and funding of Islamic extremism.

Mohammad Tawhidi calls himself an "Imam of peace" and is urging fellow-Muslims to support Christians and other people of faith who routinely suffer for their beliefs.

"We are all brothers in humanity before brothers in faith," Tawhidi told CBN News.

Tawhidi is a third-generation Iranian-born Muslim from Australia and author of The Tragedy of Islam.

He uses his Twitter and Facebook accounts to warn the world about the growing dangers of radical Islam.

"If Christians don't wake up, if Christians leaders don't wake up, then we Muslims who fled from extremists can't help you anymore," Tawhidi told CBN News in an interview. "We tried warning you."

Tawhidi says out-of-control multiculturalism and political correctness are allowing radical Muslims with their dangerous and deadly ideology, to flourish.

"When we come to the West and try to warn the governments and intelligence agencies about what is happening, about the people we fled from, we have this new political correctness agenda that tells us that 'oh, we are the racists, we are the ones who are traitors and the extremists need to be understood and embraced'."

This week, he was in Canada taking part in ceremonies commemorating the Holocaust.

"I flew to Toronto to light the candles of #YomHashoah2019, with over 20 faith leaders, at the first multi-faith commemoration of the Holocaust," Tawhidi wrote on Twitter. "May the rest of the world stand in solidarity with the Jewish People."
This is rather a remarkable transformation for a Muslim who reportedly just a few short years ago had very different view of Jews.

"Five years ago, I used to curse them," Tahwidi admitted. "Today I am standing in solidarity with them."

Dov Hikind, former New York state assemblyman and a Jewish American, recently wrote about Tawhidi saying: "I'm proud to call @Imamofpeace Imam Tawhidi a personal friend as well as a friend of the Jewish people and an advocate for a peaceful humanity. He's someone who has well internalized the lessons of #neveragain and has much to teach people from all faiths and backgrounds."

Tawhidi responded, writing: "You are Jewish, and I am Muslim. We are on the same path, just on different lanes. Side by side we will take on the enemies of humanity."

As you can imagine, fellow-Muslims have ridiculed him for building relations with Christians and Jews.

"My friends asked why I changed teams?" Tawhidi asked rhetorically on Twitter recently.  "As though they didn't know why," he retorted.

"For many years we have been lied to {that} 'the Jews are the enemy, kill them.' And I do not want to be in a position where I have to 'kill Jews, or shoot their children; even in a laser tag game," he wrote on Twitter.

And now he's coming to the defense of Christians who are being persecuted in unprecedented numbers around the world.  

"We are all human beings," Tawhidi told CBN News. "If I don't side with you against ISIS that wants to kill both of us, then what is my purpose in life."

Shortly after the Islamic terror attacks in Sri Lanka, Tawhidi tweeted, "If you are silent about #SriLankaAttacks, know that this is an Islamist war against Jesus. Pick a side. I am standing with Jesus."

Looking back, Tawhidi says he's horrified at how his Muslim faith has treated people of other religions.

"When I was 12, our fledgling Muslim community in Australia bought a Church and converted it into a Mosque," he wrote on Twitter. "The Imam gathered us all to wash the inside of the building with running water to purify it from the 'impurities of the Christians.' I was scrubbing all night. How pathetic."

Tawhidi applauded President Trump this week when his administration announced plans to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terror organization. Such a designation would make the Muslim Brotherhood and its partners vulnerable to harsh economic and travel sanctions imposed by the US.
"The Muslim Brotherhood is the most organized extremist terrorist organization on this planet," Tawhidi told CBN News. "Yes, I do support {the decision} and more power to President Trump."


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