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Hamas Releases Some Hostages

Hamas Releases Some Hostages as Israel Makes Good on 4-Day Ceasefire, Humanitarian Aid Enters Gaza

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The Israel-Hamas War is currently under a four-day ceasefire that began Friday as Hamas begins releasing some of the innocent civilians it dragged into Gaza during the October 7 massacre. Under the agreement, Israel has agreed to release 150 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for 50 of the 240 Israeli hostages.

This exchange is estimated to be carried out over the four-day period; however, Israel says the agreement for ceasefire will be extended by a day every time 10 more hostages are released.

In the first exchange, Hamas released 24 innocent hostages on Friday while Israel released 39 prisoners and convicted terrorists.

On Saturday, Hamas held up the next exchange making complaints about Israel, but then finally agreed to release 13 Israelis and 7 other foreigners for 39 more Palestinians.

The names of the Jewish hostages released on Friday were revealed by the Prime Minister's Office of Israel, including the following:

Asher family:

Doron Katz-Asher (34)

Raz Asher (4)

Aviv Asher (2)


Aloni family:

Danielle Aloni (45)

Emilia Aloni (5)


Munder family:

Ruth Munder (78)

Keren Munder (54)

Ohad Munder (9)


-Adina Moshe (72)

-Chana Katzir (76)

-Margalit Mozes (77)

-Chana Peri (79)

-Yaffa Adar (85)

No American citizens have been released by Hamas yet, though more hostages are set to be released over the next two days.

In addition to the exchange of hostages between the two groups, access to the Gaza Strip has been granted to over 200 trucks that will deliver humanitarian aid, including items such as food, water, medical devices, and various hygienic care products.

The Prime Minister's Office released a statement, sharing that, "The Government of Israel embraces our citizens who have returned home [and is] committed to the return of all its hostages and missing persons. Our citizens underwent a preliminary medical examination and their families were updated by the responsible parties that they had been returned."

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