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God Changes the Heart of ISIS Leader


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An lSIS leader planned to lure a team member from a Christian TV ministry into a trap to be killed, but the would-be assassin ended up turning to Jesus instead.

The incredible story is told on the Leading the Way web page, a ministry of Egyptian-born pastor and Bible teacher Michael Youssef. 

The ISIS leader -- "Muhammed" -- saw an episode of the ministry's TV channel and called the number on the screen. 

"I need to meet with you," he told the LTW team member over the phone. 

While the ministry is careful to vet callers before meeting them in person, the team leader-- "Peter" -- said God told him to "Go and meet this man - and be bold with him." 

Peter met with Muhammad and shared the Gospel with him. After Peter left, God continued speaking to Muhammad, revealing himself in a dream that brought great conviction on the ISIS leader. 

When Muhammad decided to follow Christ, he shaved his beard, a symbol of his radical devotion to Islam, and reached out to Peter again. 

"Peter I have a confession," Muhammad said. "The first time I was going to meet you, I intended to kill you, and I am sorry." 

He then fell on his face and repented to God. 

To help other Muslims come to Christ you can visit the Leading the Way Ministries website here:


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