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A Global Revival Moment: This Event Will Unite the Church for 25 Hours of Non-Stop Prayer, Worship

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Revival has been sweeping U.S. college campuses since the Asbury Awakening of February 2023. It's been marked by both planned and unplanned events in which thousands of students have given their lives to Christ, resulting in extended impromptu worship and baptisms.

Now there's a plan for a global 25-hour revival event that could be the culmination of two years of awakening. It's being called Gather25 and it's scheduled to hit multiple major cities around the world in March of 2025.

In the last 8 months, CBN News has reported on revival breaking out at events hosted by Christian author and speaker Jennie Allen.

Allen is also the visionary behind Gather25, but she has an army of Christ-followers helping to make this a reality with as many language translations as possible, international hosts, and more. Sadie Robertson Huff, Christine Caine, and David Platt are all getting involved, along with individuals and groups from all over the world.

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"We are doing something epic," Allen told CBN Monday. "Every single, individual church, we want them to participate. We're going to go live from every single continent and we are going to tell the stories of the Church and what God is doing on earth right now."

The Gather25 team is asking individuals to sign up to participate at and is seeking volunteers to host virtual sites for those who can't make it to the larger events. 

Live event tickets go on sale this fall for major gatherings in the U.S., Australia, Singapore, and Rwanda.

Pray for Jennie Allen's Next 'Unite' Event

Meanwhile, thousands of college students will gather at the University of Tennessee on May 1st with a singular focus – to lift the name of Jesus. 

"Unite Tennessee" will feature Allen alongside Pastor Jonathan Pokluda of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, and include musical performances by Passion Music. 

The preaching duo has seen hundreds of students give their lives to Jesus Christ since last year when nearly 5,000 students packed out Neville Arena at Auburn University to worship and praise Jesus. 

An impromptu baptism that started with one student wanting to be baptized grew to roughly 200 people who decided to give their lives to Christ that night. 

"I've seen Auburn basketball beat Kentucky. I've seen Auburn football beat Alabama, but I have never seen something like I did Tuesday night," Auburn University senior Michael Floyd told WFSA12 News at the time.

As CBN News reported more recently, the Spirit of God moved on hundreds of students at the Florida State University in Tallahassee and the University of Alabama.


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Allen shared images on Instagram from both events announcing, "It happened again!"

The transformative joy of encountering Jesus is evident on the faces of youths who have surrendered their lives to God and chose to be immediately baptized in water fountains, pickup trucks, and lakes. 


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Allen recently told CBN News that while these moves of God all look different, one thing they have in common is this next generation's real and genuine desire for Jesus.



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"I think it's because of the darkness, anxiety, the depression that they've battled; and so you know they're looking at Jesus and they're saying, 'I want forgiveness, I need forgiveness, I want what He's offering and I really don't care what other people think,' and it's powerful," she shared.


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