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Daniel Ortega's Stepdaughter: He Abused 'a Girl,' Now 'a Country'

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At least seven people have died in a fresh wave of violence in Nicaragua, and after more than two months, there are few signs the unrest is subsiding.

Funerals for victims of the violence are now commonplace. More than 200 people have died since mid-April and now the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights says the government has violated human rights.

The unrest comes as no surprise to the stepdaughter of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. Zoilamerica Ortega Murillo now lives in Costa Rica, and she told CBN News in an exclusive interview that the world is finally seeing Ortega's true nature.

UN Commissioner on Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein says most of the deaths have come at the hands of police forces and pro-government groups, allegedly including the use of snipers, that have led to the wounding of at least 1500 people.

"The gravity of these developments may well merit an international commission of inquiry," Al Hussein said.

Protests began Apri 19th when the government made changes to the country's social security system. They soon grew into deadly clashes between pro- and anti-government forces.

Murillo suggests Nicaraguans are tired of government corruption and their president, who is an immoral man. In 1998, Zoilamerica went public with allegations that Ortega sexually abused her when she was nine-years old.

"Everyone was defending Daniel Ortega because of his power. But when I discovered that I was really a child of God, from Him I could start a new life and a new this moment I understand that God is the perfect father," she explained.

And now, 20-years later, she says Nicaraguans and the world may finally believe she was sexually abused by the Sandinista leader.

"The Nicaraguan people are starting a process of awakening, to knowing who is Daniel Ortega really and maybe now they can say, 'yes, Daniel Ortega is capable of making sexual abuse too because he's an abuser'—in the beginning abusing a girl, and now abusing a country."

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