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As Congress Gives Support Ahead of Ukrainian Easter, Death Will Not Have the Final Word

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This has never happened to me before. This year I get to celebrate two different Easters. I didn't realize this when I planned my upcoming trip to Ukraine. I've been to Ukraine on four different occasions in the last 24 months. On this next trip, I'm bringing a group of mental health specialists to serve the people of Ukraine. Together, on May 5th, we will celebrate Ukrainian Easter and our aid team will distribute food for 400 displaced families in the east of Ukraine. 

Our trip coincides with passage of the Ukraine aid package by the U.S. Congress. I didn't want to explain to my Ukrainian friends why a Christian speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, was hindering the aid that the majority of our state representatives were ready to release. Thankfully the aid has been approved and I can now celebrate with my friends that Ukraine will get the critical aid they have been waiting for. 

Can you imagine holding the line against one of the world's "superpowers?" Now imagine holding that line with minimal resources. That's what Ukraine has been doing. As the aid to Ukraine has dried up, Ukraine has been in survival mode. Ukrainians have been digging deeper trenches, they have been losing men and women — enduring kamikaze drones and missiles on a daily basis. 

Russia's efforts aren't simply meant to scare Ukrainians, but to kill Ukrainians. It's not just the soldiers who are dying but also civilians: men, women, children are all affected. Grandfathers and grandmothers, rescue workers — and even pets. Russia has an especially cruel strategy for bombing the same location multiple times called "double-tapping." They wait for rescue workers and journalists to show up to an area that has been hit and they strike again in order to maximize the death toll. 

Publicly Putin and his minions say they are fighting this war to eliminate Nazis, but that's a story they have made up for gullible sympathizers. The rest of us, who are watching the daily updates, know the truth. This is an unjust and unprovoked pursuit of absolute power. 

Putin, who also claims to be a Christian, is a crook who wants his legacy to be the restored Soviet Union. His imperialistic Russia is just as deplorable as the failed Soviet Union. Rather than supporting freedom and human flourishing, Putin's regime oppresses the citizens of Russia and destroys anyone who stands against their authoritarian policies. 

If you want to run against Putin in a political election, you will die like Alexei Navalny. If you want to live out your faith, it had better be in line with the Russian Orthodox Church — which is controlled by Putin himself. It's not a secret that the head of the Russian Orthodox Church is Putin's spiritual leader, which really means that he is Putin's pawn. If you want to share the news, you just need to make sure that it aligns with the Kremlin-approved narrative. All of this is madness. It's the opposite of God given dignity and freedom. 

I can't wait to tell my Ukrainian friends and family that the West has not abandoned them. We care about the plight of those who are suffering unjustly. We support the people of Ukraine. 

As I think about the Easter story, Jesus did not consolidate power in order to oppress others, he brought to light the injustices around him and ultimately laid down his life for the sake of others. 

While Putin is fighting an unjust war, oppressing people, and hiding, Jesus had a public ministry of teaching, bringing injustices to light, and ultimately allowing himself to be oppressed and killed for the sake of others. As a Christian, for me the story doesn't end with his death. Easter Sunday commemorates his extraordinary and miraculous resurrection. This is the good news of the Christian gospel — death is not the end of the story. Soon, I will have the opportunity to share this story with worshippers in the war-town country of Ukraine on their Easter Sunday. 

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I advocate for Ukraine and carry out relief work in Ukraine because I love the people of Ukraine. I want Ukrainians to experience the same freedom and opportunities that I have in the United States. 

Putin's regime of fear and oppression will not last.  

I don't know how long global support for Ukraine will last. The last six months have shown us how fragile American support can be. We all know that governments come and go. Elected officials change, and so do their policies. Morals, however, do not change. Right and wrong do not change. One day, all oppressors will give an account to the Creator. For now, we all have an obligation to stand up for what is right and to push back against what is wrong. If we don't pursue justice in Ukraine right now, then evil will be unrestrained. 

One of my good friends is a firefighter. In the face of danger, he willingly shows up in some of the worst situations around our city in order to help people who are vulnerable. There are still good people doing good work for the sake of others. Following his example, and the example of countless others, I'm doing what I can to serve others and I want to encourage you to do the same. Most people don't have the same opportunity as I do to travel to Ukraine, but you can join me in sharing the stories of those who are vulnerable. Pay attention, don't turn away, and do your part to help others. 

It is unclear who said it first, but someone once stated that, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Evil will not triumph in Ukraine — not while courageous soldiers hold the line with our collective support, and not while brave volunteers continue to serve those who are vulnerable in their country.

Stand with me, stand with Ukraine. 

Andrew Moroz is a Ukrainian-American pastor and the founder of The Renewal Initiative.

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