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Christian Killed in Uganda for Sharing Christ with Muslims, Attackers Leave Harrowing Allah Message

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Islamic extremists in Eastern Uganda reportedly murdered a Christian for leading Muslims to faith in Christ and left a harrowing message on a note with the body saying, "This has finally cost your life."

According to Morning Star News, Kiisa Masolo returned to his home in Nakitiku village on the evening of March 8 after preaching on the streets of Nakaloke and Busajjabwankuba when seven masked men dressed in Islamic attire broke into his home and took him away.

"After whisking him away, three men remained behind and told me that, 'Allah is very displeased with your son, and we're out to punish him,'" Norah Nandege told the outlet which monitors Christian persecution around the world. "Then the three men left." 

Nandege called a clan leader who arrived at their home and told her she should contact the police in the morning if her son did not return home.  

When her son did not show up the following morning, she reported the kidnapping to the local council and a search began.

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"After four hours of search, the body of my son Masolo was found lying lifeless in the bush with a written Arabic note which we could not read," Nandege said. 

She continued, "A person fluent in Arabic was called to read the script which stated, 'We had warned you not to convert our Muslim brothers and sisters to Christianity, but you failed to heed our warning. This has finally cost your life.'"

Nandege said Muslims from the community had left several threats on Masolo's mobile phone telling him to stop converting Muslims to Christianity.

"I tried to advise my son to be very cautious with his life, but he used to tell me that his life was in the hands of God and that he was called to carry out the preaching of the gospel of Christ," she said. 

"Since then, I knew that the life of my son was in danger, and he might not live for long due to the many threatening messages of Allah who was out to kill him," Nandege continued. 

Masolo's body had deep cuts on the head and neck and was taken to Mbale city mortuary for postmortem and further investigation, Morning Star News reports. 

Uganda's constitution and other laws provide for religious freedom, including the right to evangelize and convert from one faith to another, but in recent years believers have been killed by Muslims for sharing their beliefs. 

As CBN News reported in February, two ex-Muslims were killed just two months after converting to Christianity.

Twaha Namwoyo, 38, and Nadiimu Katooko, 27, the parents of four children were brutally killed at home for "leaving Islam."

Last year, a grandmother and two children were reportedly slaughtered in Uganda by Islamic extremists on Christmas day.

In another act of horror, a Ugandan teenager was reportedly locked up for months by his own family members last year after converting to Christianity.

The 17-year-old was found in a "dilapidated state," according to a pastor who reportedly discovered the teen's horrific detention during a Sept. 15 visit to the home.

Although Uganda is a majority Christian nation, with 84% of people practicing the faith, Arab countries have invested significant resources into furthering Muslim interests in the country, according to Voice of the Martyrs

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