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Young Woman Breaks Down in Tears Over Transgender Trauma, Says Psych Unit Missed 'Red Flags'

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Another young woman is sharing her story of regret after she underwent medical and surgical sex procedures to transition into a trans-male.

Nikita Teran, 24, is a TikTok influencer from Sweden sharing her detransitioning journey on the social media platform. 

Teran shows videos of herself wearing makeup and celebrating femininity while also educating her audience about the harmful effects of hormonal treatments such as testosterone.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Teran broke down in tears when describing the complications she faced from double mastectomy and told the outlet that physicians ignored the "red flags" and encouraged her to transition.

Terna began questioning her identity during her teenage years after her father left the family. 

"Prior to that, I was struggling with the things that were happening at my home. I would probably call it something like depression," she said.

Teran was treated at a psychiatric clinic for her mental health issues but was soon transferred to a gender clinic around the age of 17. 

"Before getting in touch with the gender clinic, I was at another unit for children with mental health issues. So I was there first and I thought I would get some type of help. I wasn't there for gender dysphoria, I was at that unit for mental health issues. They sort of didn't know what to do with me," Teran explained.

"When I came to the trans unit. I was very open with my father and my family and I think I was crying every meeting I had with them when talking about my father. But still, they didn't see any red flags for that," she added. "I wish they would have stopped me. I wish they would have seen the red flags and realized that this might be gender dysphoria caused by trauma or things like that." 

By the age of 18, Teran began taking testosterone. 

"I began socially transitioning on and off from 16, but by 17 I was identifying as a male full-time. My family knew, but only through my mom. I still went with my birth name and female pronouns because I wasn't comfortable doing anything else at such an early stage. I had short hair and masculine clothes, but I was well aware that I still looked female," Teran told Newsweek.

She continued, "I started testosterone two weeks after turning 18, and I was on that for half a year before I changed my legal name to Nicolas, and started living completely as a man. That was when I noticed a change in my voice and facial, and I felt ready to take that next step."

That next step was to have her breasts removed. 

"I was really scared. I was really nervous. I never had surgery before...I just wanted to get this done and live my life," she said.

The Stockholm native underwent a double mastectomy at the age of 19, but hours after the procedure she was in the emergency room. 

"After my initial surgery, I was feeling very sick, and they noticed that there was something wrong with me," Teran expressed emotionally. "[My chest] was very, very large with blood. So that same night I had to be rushed into the emergency room for another surgery."

"Having to go through that second surgery was just very scary," she said.

Teran says many are led to believe that having a double mastectomy is easy. 

"Double mastectomies are very glorified," she explained. "What you see online about double mastectomies is often very glorified. But things can go wrong, things can get difficult, you can get complications." 

Teran developed vaginal atrophy, a side effect of testosterone, and her doctor recommended she stop. 

"It was very surprising to me because once you start taking testosterone, they kind of go through with you what to expect. And I knew about the main things like voice and body hair, facial hair. And the hairline receding. I had no idea what [atrophic vaginitis] was. I was running around to different doctors who didn't know anything about trans patients. And it was a very, very just a very confusing and scary time for me because I didn't know what was happening with my body."

Teran has spent the last 1.5 years detransitioning, but only recently told her family about the change. 

"Living this double life has become my new normal and I noticed it started to affect my wellbeing. I navigated my detransition completely alone and I had a lot of bottled-up anger that started to show. I hit my breaking point at the end of summer, that's when I started posting on TikTok. I somehow felt comfort in telling complete strangers."

Teran's videos get millions of views on TikTok and she joins a growing number of young girls who are sharing their detransition journey. 

"I was done with it and I needed to focus on ending that chapter. I started sharing more about my double life and people took an interest in my story. I didn't think I would grow a following like this. I've had people commenting that they are either going through this or already have, family members or friends who have someone close to them who detransitioned. I would like to be there for others and make the experience less lonely," she told Newsweek. 

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