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'You Are Enough': Homeschool Advocate Sam Sorbo Urges Parents to Take Back the Reins of Their Children's Education

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COVID, gender ideology, controversial curriculum – there's no shortage of issues plaguing the public education system, or anger as parents flood school board meetings. The mounting frustration is leading many families to seek education alternatives.

Sam Sorbo is one of those parents. The author, actress, and wife of actor Kevin Sorbo is a homeschooling mom who believes parents eyes are being opened to some troubling realities. 

"People are being robbed. The school is robbing parents. It's robbing them blind. They don't even know it," Sorbo told CBN News. "I think that parents are waking up to the fact that children are being indoctrinated away from them and away from their beliefs. And now that parents are waking up to that they're saying, 'I cannot abide that.' That's the bridge too far for them."
Statistics show Sorbo might be on to something. Homeschooling grew by 63 percent in at least 18 states during the 2020/2021 school year. In New York City alone, the number of homeschooled kids jumped by 88 percent. In searching for reasons, the disconnect in values seems to be driving at least some of this boom.

"You'll hear people say, 'well, it's just indoctrination.' Well, so is homeschooling because everything you teach your children you are putting in a doctrine, your doctrine. Parents are realizing, wait – their doctrine isn't just slightly different than mine. It's actually counter my doctrine, it's against my doctrine. It wants to tear my doctrine to shreds. It was a long journey. It took over a decade for me to finally realize, but my message to parents is: 'you are enough,'" Sorbo said. 

And she hopes more parents begin to realize they, too, are enough. Sorbo tried the public education system for her kids, then found herself at a crossroads.

Wave of attacks on churches, pro-life orgs - the details on today's Quick Start podcast from CBN:

"I put my oldest in public school. He did two years and at the end of second grade I said to [my husband] Kevin, 'I think they're failing,'" Sorbo recalled. "'I think they're not getting the job done. In fact, I think they're doing such a bad job that I could fail at homeschooling him and we'd still end up ahead of the game. He'd still be better off. That's how badly they were failing back then and there wasn't any queer agenda, there wasn't any gender issues there wasn't CRT. I just saw through the methodology."

Sorbo decided to homeschool her children and never looked back. Now she wants Christian parents to think deeper about the mixed messages public schools might be sending and to better prepare their kids for the world around them.

"When you surrender your child to the school system you are tacitly telling the child, 'they know better than I do.' And we think that we're raising young Christians. We're not. We're sending our little children off to Cesar to be educated and then we're surprised when they come back Romans," Sorbo said.

"Over 80 percent of graduating Christian children who profess to be Christian are atheists by the time they exit college," she went on. "And that's not because of college. It's because they don't have a firm foundation."

In order to help parents build that foundation, Sorbo is hosting the "Playbook for Home Learning" conference June 24 and 25 in Port St. Lucie, Florida. She and other speakers will show parents why homeschooling is a viable option.

"That's why I'm doing my conference – to show parents that there is a better way. It's far easier than you ever imagined. And the reason you can't imagine it is because you went to school, and so you think that you know what education is but your children will actually be teaching you what education is once you start investing in them . It's more rewarding than you ever dreamed.

Click HERE to learn more about the "Playbook for Home Learning" conference.

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