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'We Want to Speak Peace and Love': One Race Movement Urges Pastors to Take Action Against Racism

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ABOVE:  Author and historian Jemar Tisby appeared on Monday afternoon's edition of CBN Newswatch to talk about racial violence and the recent protests. CBN Newswatch is seen weeknights on the CBN News Channel.  For a programming schedule, click here.

In an effort to end racial violence and advocate for change throughout the nation, the One Race Movement held an outdoor press conference in Atlanta, GA, on Monday with hundreds of people in attendance. 

The event, which was held at Liberty Plaza in front of the state capitol building in downtown Atlanta, began with a moment of prayer for God's power to break through the barrier of racism.

Organizers of the One Race Movement say they were compelled to take action after the racially motivated acts of violence that erupted across the nation following the death of George Floyd on May 25. 

Local pastors and believers spoke about how to bring about change through nonviolent protests when racial injustice occurs.

Bishop Garland Hunt with One Race Movement told CBN News that the event aims to empower church leaders and to bring a message of hope.

"Right now our nation is looking for hope," Hunt said. "We're in a place right now with COVID-19 and now the racial discrepancies, hatred and hurt. We just believe that the church, particularly the pastors, have to come in as a group and say to our city that we are one."

"We want to speak peace and love to our city and say that we do have to deal with very serious issues, but we're not going to deal with those issues with violence. We are going to deal with those issues based on a biblical foundation," he added.

The bishop explained that it is more meaningful and effective to society when the church is physically present during these times of trouble.

"I believe the church can just be present and let them know that we do care. We can't sugarcoat this thing and say there isn't a problem - there is a problem. If people see the church legitimately and sacrificially step up to the plate, it impacts the broader community." 

Hunt noted that One Race Movement demonstrates how our connection and relationship as Christians is necessary to bring about change. 

"We are leading this movement so we can say to the world that we are one. One Race shows that Jesus Christ is our example and God is our Father, connected together as brothers and sisters without any break."

One Race will join together on June 19 for "March on Atlanta" to renounce racism and declare unity among all races, denominations, and cultures. To find out more about the event, click here.

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