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'We Come in Faith to Our God': Millions Watch as Jericho Marchers March On Nation's Capital

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Tens of thousands of people came to the nation’s capital and millions tuned in to see them as they imitated what they see in the Book of Joshua - that Joshua’s army marched around the wicked, corrupt city of Jericho seven times. So these Bible-believing folk marched seven times around the U.S. Supreme Court, Capitol Building, and the Department of Justice to bring down corruption and wickedness in America’s election system. 

“We are Joshuas.  And we need the sound of praise to bring down the walls of the Swamp,” Knoxville, Tennessee’s Julia Bithorn told CBN News as she and her sister Susan Rolls passed by the Supreme Court.

These Marchers believe if America’s elections can’t be trusted, it’s no longer a country by the people.

Al Crider of Siloam Springs, Arkansas said as he marched, “We want America to remain free, as it always has been.”

And the marchers made clear where they believe the country needs to turn: elections that can be trusted.

Sisters Susan Rolls and Julia Bithorn said it’ll take divine help.

‘Without God, It is Impossible’

 “Man cannot accomplish this,” Susan Rolls told CBN News. “Look at what we’ve created.  We have allowed this to happen.  So, without God, it is impossible.”

But her sister Julia pointed out, “If man can do it, why do we need God?”

And Susan declared of the Lord, “He is going to win the battle.”

“This is not gloom and doom.  This is the Glory of God being revealed,” Julia insisted.  “We’ve come here to bind the enemy in the name of Jesus.”

Susan added, “I am just thrilled to be part of a generation that gets to leave a better world for our kids.”

So speakers outside the Supreme Court, like the recently pardoned Michael Flynn - President Trump’s first national security advisor -  said not to be discouraged by events like the Supreme Court rejecting the Texas lawsuit against election irregularities.

‘Take a Deep, Deep Breath’

 “We’re experiencing something that is in fact unprecedented.  So whatever the ruling was yesterday,” Flynn said, “everybody, take a deep, deep breath.  Take a deep breath.”

The marchers in D.C. then gathered for five hours of prayer and exhortation on the National Mall, a time that included a helicopter flyover by President Trump.  There were tens of thousands of marchers there physically, but some five million people were watching the event live-streamed.

Flynn spoke to the Mall gathering as well.  The retired Army lieutenant general said of this disputed election, “It’s a crucible moment in the history of the United States of America.  It’s unprecedented.  We’ve never been through this before…we haven’t had this kind of a crisis.”

“We cannot accept what we’re going through as right,” Flynn insisted. “We’re inside the walls of the Deep State and there is evil and there is corruption.   And there’s light and truth.  And we’re going to get to the light and we’re going to get to the truth.”

Evangelical leader Lance Wallnau, author of God’s Chaos Code, said of the Supreme Court’s dropping the Texas lawsuit Friday, “I had such expectation of Texas being able to prevail with the Supreme Court.  And I’m turning around and saying, ‘What has happened in this country?  The Department of Justice is dysfunctional.  The Supreme Court isn’t functioning.’”   

‘Endure the Contradiction Along with Donald Trump and See America Restored’

 Wallnau told the crowd, “Your instinct might be to get discouraged because the Miracle Prayer didn’t get answered the way you thought it would.  What I’m here to tell you is you are the privileged generation that is called to endure the contradiction along with Donald Trump and see America restored.”

Ali Alexander of the organization Stop the Steal mentioned that lawmakers in the U.S. Congress in a joint session on January 6th could object to Congress certifying the votes sent to them by the Electoral College.   Someone is needed from both houses to do that and so far only Rep. Mo Brooks has gone on record saying he’ll object.

“We need some of his colleagues to join him, don’t we?   We expect them to join him, don’t we?  Or we will throw them out of office,” Alexander shouted as the crowd roared.   He added, “I want to tell the Republican Party if one of these senators do not join Mo Brooks, we will burn the Republican Party down and we will make something new.”

Bishop Leon Benjamin of New Life Harvest Church in Richmond, Virginia reminded the assembled Jericho Marchers, “Joshua was told to do something crazy.  But we know when God tells us to do something crazy, it means it’s going to work.”

He then shouted, “The Jericho Walls of voter fraud must come down!  The Jericho Walls of poverty must come down!  And the Jericho Walls of spineless, jelly-backed politicians must come down!”   

‘We Come in Faith Believing a Miracle is about to Take Place’

“We will fight for this country because this country deserves to be fought for,” said C.J. Pearson of the Free Thinker Project and the youngest nominee to the Electoral College this year.   

Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann joined the assembly on the Mall via video, proclaiming, “We come in faith to our God and we come in faith believing a miracle is about to take place in the United States: a miracle that will impact ourselves, our families, our country.  And this miracle I believe will impact all of the world for the Gospel’s sake.”  

These folks who’ve already seen several defeats these last few weeks in efforts to ensure election integrity know more than ever it is indeed going to take God - it’s going to take a miracle. 

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