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'We Are a Family of Faith': 6-Year-Old Recites Bible Verse With Brother to Calm Coronavirus Fears


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One Minnesota mom shared a video of how her family is choosing faith over fear during the coronavirus outbreak.

Sheletta Brundidge posted a video on Twitter of her 6-year-old daughter Cameron reciting a prayer with her brother Brandon to help calm his fears over the virus.

Brundidge wrote that her 7-year-old son Brandon is autistic and suffers from severe anxiety.

"My son Brandon has crippling fear cause of his #autism. His sister taught him a scripture she learned at @FellowshipMiss2 Church to help. Stop letting your fear of #Coronavirus be bigger than your faith in God. Plead The Blood, pray and wash your hands. Amen!"

After Cameron saw her brother becoming anxious, she held his hands and asked him to say a prayer with her.

Together the siblings said, "But God did not give me a spirit of fear but power and love and a sound mind, Amen."

Brundidge revealed that Cameron recalled that passage from while at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Fox News reports. 

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The confidence of her children has allowed Brundidge to look at the pandemic differently. 

"Just from the mouth of a child to another child, it transformed the way I looked at it," Brundidge said. "We don't have to be afraid of this. There's been worse. We just have to rely on our faith, take the precautions we need to take and continue to live our lives."

The proud mother added that her family believes in the power of prayer and they will not succumb to fear throughout this situation.

"We are a family of faith. We just believe in faith and we believe in Jesus and we're not afraid to say it. She has autism, too, and for her to remember that - that was just amazing and a blessing to me."

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