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'We Apologize': Filmmakers Drastically Change Movie After Accusations It Groomed Children for Sex Abuse

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The filmmakers behind "Show Dogs", a children's movie about a detective dog who goes undercover at a dog show, have decided to re-edit the movie after outraged parents and activists argued that scenes in the film border on pedophilia.

"Responding to concerns raised by moviegoers and some specific organizations, Global Road Entertainment has decided to remove two scenes from the film SHOW DOGS that some have deemed not appropriate for children," a spokesperson told CBN News. "The company takes these matters very seriously and remains committed to providing quality entertainment for the intended audiences based on the film's rating. We apologize to anybody who feels the original version of SHOW DOGS sent an inappropriate message. The revised version of the film will be available for viewing nationwide starting this weekend."

Mommy blogger Terina Maldonado of East Mesa Macaroni Kid, was one of the first people to speak out about the film. She writes about her concerns in a post called, "Show Dogs, Don't Let Your Children Be Groomed, Use This to Teach Them."

"As part of any dog show, contestants are judged on their abilities and physical attributes," the post reads. "One part, in particular, is the inspection of the dog's private parts. Being that Max is new to competing, he needs to learn the process so his partner, Frank, along with a former show champion work to get him ready for the final round of the competition. Since the inspection of the private parts will happen in the finals, Frank touches Max's private parts to get him use to it. Of course, Max doesn't like it and snaps at Frank for him to stop. Max is then told by the former champion, who has been through the process before, that he needs to go to his "Zen place" while it happens so he can get through it. More attempts are made by Frank to touch Max's private parts, but Max is still having trouble letting it happen and keeps snapping at him.

"The day of the finals comes and if Max doesn't let his private parts be touched, he may lose the competition and any hope of finding the kidnapped panda. It all rests on his ability to let someone touch his private parts. The judge's hands slowly reach behind Max and he goes to his "Zen place". He's flying through the sky, dancing with his partner, there are fireworks and flowers – everything is great – all while someone is touching his private parts."

Maldonado wasn't the only one sounding the alarm about the movie for kids.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation said the film introduces children to unwanted genital touching.

The organization released a statement about the movie's questionable scene.

"The movie 'Show Dogs' sends a troubling message that grooms children for sexual abuse," said Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. "Children's movies must be held to a higher standard, and must teach children bodily autonomy, the ability to say 'no' and safety, not confusing messages endorsing unwanted genital touching."

The organization now applauds the filmmakers for re-editing the movie.

"We're very thankful to all the activists around the country who demanded that Global Road Entertainment re-cut the movie 'Show Dogs' so that there is no implication of child sex abuse or child grooming in this movie that is directed at children," Patrick Trueman, CEO and President of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation told CBN News.

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