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Vaccine Mandates Lead to Mass Firings and Mass Walkouts from State Troopers to Hospital Workers

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Hundreds of employees across the country are standing firm in their decision not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 despite the threat of losing their jobs. Scores have simply quit while many others have already been fired.

In Kansas City, 39 medical employees have just resigned from the Truman Medical Centers/University Health system rather than take a COVID vaccine.

A health system in North Carolina has fired 175 people who were not vaccinated. Last week, the Winston-Salem-based health system Novant Health had announced 375 employees had been suspended and given five days to comply with the mandate. On Monday, they fired 175 of them.

The Delaware News Journal reports ChristianaCare fired 150 employees who could not agree to its vaccine mandate. Nurses in Delaware, President Biden's home state, told the paper beforehand they already "felt they were in crisis due to understaffing".

Dozens of State Troopers Resign in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, dozens of state troopers have resigned after they were told to get the shot by October 17 or face termination from their jobs.

"Many of these troopers are going to be returning to their previous municipal police departments within the state that allow for regular testing and masks," said Michael Cherven, president of the State Police Association of Massachusetts.

Cherven explained that the State Police were already struggling with staffing shortages and the mandate is making the situation even worse.

"The State Police are already critically short-staffed and acknowledge this by the unprecedented moves to take officers from specialty units that investigate homicides, terrorism, computer crimes, arsons, and human trafficking, to name just a few," Cherven said.

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In New York, public school teachers and staff are required to get vaccinated by 5:00 pm Friday, but many are protesting that mandate. Some hospitals and nursing homes in New York have started removing workers because they haven't met the state's Monday deadline to get immunized.

Maternity Wards Close Amid Dozens of Medical Walkouts

Several maternity wards have made headlines for not being able to keep enough experienced nurses on staff which has led them to temporarily stop delivering babies. 

The birthing center at Lewis County General Hospital in upstate New York stopped delivering babies after 30 workers resigned over the vaccine mandate. And a hospital in Texas is the latest to announce it may also have to close its maternity ward for a while after losing staff due to the mandates. 

Hundreds More Medical Staff Fired or Quit

In Houston, TX, 150 hospital workers resigned earlier this year when they were told to complete their immunization by June 7.

Newsweek reports that Indiana University (IU) Health saw 125 mostly part-time employees quit over the mandates.

In Kentucky, Med Center Health in Bowling Green fired 180 employees who did not take the vaccine.

And the list goes on and on. Fierce Health Care has compiled a list of scores of additional medical workers who have either been fired or have quit working for health care systems across the country. 

Is There a Better Way?

Melody Butler, a nurse and the executive director of the nonprofit Nurses Who Vaccinate, says some healthcare workers don't want to get vaccinated because the research was fast-tracked or they have natural immunity from already overcoming a COVID infection. Others are concerned about how the vaccine will affect fertility.

Butler believes that showing sensitivity toward employees and their concerns, rather than forcing them to comply or face the consequences, will lead to a better outcome.

"Speak to individuals in a compassionate and kind manner," she explained. "Knowing that the person talking to you wants you to get vaccinated not because it's the law, but because they care."

Religious Exemptions

And those opposing the vaccine for reasons of faith are seeking guidance on how to claim a religious exemption. Religious freedom advocates like the Religious Freedom Institute (RFI) and Liberty Counsel say their phone lines have been buzzing.

Legal scholars say an individual's sincerely held belief qualifies someone to object on religious grounds. 

WATCH: Religious Liberty Group Receives Hundreds of Calls Daily From Employees Over Vaccine Exemptions

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